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My mother prepared everything from scratch. Every savory dish she made had a little sprinkle of Lawry’s Seasoning. This season salt enhanced the flavor of browning mushrooms to start a gravy base or soup. In order to eliminate food cravings and take charge of my health completely, I had to cut this familiar little sprinkle out of my cooking. This eliminated sugar and excitatory neurotoxins labeled as food additives from my diet completely. Commercial seasoning blends contain these disruptive ingredients commonly labeled as natural flavor or spices to promote consumption that can inhibit wellness. This low-sodium blend of seasoning is a perfect replacement to boost the natural flavors of grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes or anything that needs a boost of seasoning.

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  1. posted by Janice Price on August 13, 2016

    Love this spice mix…great balance of flavors and can be used on so many things. A definite staple for the spice cabinet!

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