Seasoned Crispy Crackers Premium PD Recipe

Protective Diet crackers are gluten-free, flour-free, fat-free, flavorful, and easy to make with just one whole grain ingredient. Seasoned Crispy Crackers are an inexpensive and healthy way to scoop up PD Hummus, Mercury Free “Tuna” Salad, Skinny Chick In Salad or enjoy with sliced Notzzarella Cheeze and King Sauce. They cost just pennies to make and eliminate the fats, seeds, excessive salt, and food additives found in “healthy” packaged crackers.


  1. I made these little nuggets last night and was highly impressed with just how simple they were. While the recipe looks a bit involved, it moves real quick. However there were a few minor tweaks to the recipe. I think the first instruction needs to be in bold face type, ” Watch video for ease in preparation, read all directions and notes.” I somehow partial read all the instructions only to find myself swearing at myself about 10 minutes later.

    I had two options for the rice, the pre-made brown rice, jasmine brown and forbidden rice (black rice) I had in the fridge or to make some fresh. I opted to make some more, unfortunately I used water and not veggie broth. I only realized this AFTER the rice was boiling. Figured I would lose just a little bit of flavor in these crackers using water.

    While the rice cooled, I got out the other ingredients and continued cooking my potato leek soup. It took about 30 minutes and I considered the rice cooled. I might have been a bit warm still, which could account for what happened after I blended it together in the food processor.

    I mixed the spices with the rice and then placed it in the food processor, while the oven warmed up. I hit the food processor until I had a nice ball rolling around and put the rice mixture back into a mixing bowl and started rolling my rice balls.

    Using Julie’s glass method, I started pressing each ball down, unfortunately just 2 balls in the mixture stuck to the glass. It was easy to peel off and rerolled, but this happened numerous times. This called into question the stickiness of my mixture and the possibility of the rice still being too warm. I ended up pressing out 2 baking sheets worth of crackers. However I had to leave the bottom of the glass wet in order to get the balls to come off the bottom of the glass.

    Once in the over I set the timer to 25 minutes, knowing my oven runs hot. I hit the first back with some sea salt and waited. Even at 25 minutes some of the edges came out a bit too crispy (bordering on burnt). After cooling these were very good and complemented my soup. The second batch through the over I forgot the sea salt, but it’s not really needed, especially if you dip or top your crackers.

    Love this recipe, I will be trying this recipe again, THE CORRECT WAY! I had a handful this morning, but they were more chewy than crunchy. Not sure if there was still moisture I did not release during baking. I did store them in an air tight container on the counter. But right out of the oven they were crispy little critters. Thanks Julie!

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