Sheet Pan Apple Cake Premium PD Recipe

This is my “WOW” vanilla sheet cake! I recommend making it when hosting brunch, sharing at work, or going to a potluck. Pick or purchase three or four apples, and the remaining ingredients are pantry-handy staples. With fresh-milled wholegrain or ready-to-go scoop and level ingredients, this protective high-fiber bakery-style coffee cake has outstanding eye appeal and a light texture. This bakery treat will fill your home with vanilla-kissed apple aromatherapy. If your friends and family aren’t health food fans yet don’t give them the deets because this is likely the most nutritious thing they will scarf down all week. Jerry and I devour every high-fiber slimmed-down slice in a couple of days. It is a thin cake using only two cups of wholegrain balanced with protective apples. This recipe aims to promote the consumption of apples to keep obesity and disease away with nutritional intervention. Apples are a significant source of protective polyphenols, dietary fiber, and carotenoids. There are numerous articles and studies that show fruit polyphenols promote anti-obesity effects and scavenge free radicals regulating gene expression. Enjoy more protective science at the bottom of the recipe to motivate you to take action with Protective Diet recipes for holistic health independence and superior fitness.


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