Single Ingredient Orange Sorbet Free PD Recipe

Single Ingredient Orange Sorbet is a tart sugar-free treat. I don’t need a dessert every night, but I always want a little something else to finish my feast. This is it! A change of taste with a bright punch of refreshing flavor, paired with a handful of protective organic cacao nibs, and my day is complete. Azure Standard is my favorite source of organic citrus and produce when my garden is sleeping. Food preservation on our plant-based homestead is in full swing year-round. We enjoy our ferments and home-canned items in the winter and early spring. Once our summer freezer stash is reduced, we restock with winter harvests of fresh citrus and kale.

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  1. This sorbet is going to be on repeat this summer…so refreshing and delicious! I made it tonight topped with chocolate sauce and the combination a sweet & mildly tart clementines with the chocolate was decadent!

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