Skinny Chick’n Salad Premium PD Recipe

This creamy salad tastes just like the deli original without the unhealthy calories from oily egg filled mayo and cholesterol laden chicken. Pack up a Skinny Chick’n Salad sandwich and have a lunch to look forward to.

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  1. Made this for the first time yesterday. My husband went back for a second sandwich and my 9 year old son is still raving about it. The only thing I did different was add a bit of spicy mustard and lemon juice.
    Thank you for a great recipe.

  2. Had this last night for the first time. OMG why have I not ever make this before??? This was so yummy and easy! I have started making a mayo combination of the Real plant based mayo and the ultimate plant based mayo and with this Skinny Chick’n salad it is the bomb!!! I will definitely be making this on a regular rotation. I had it on Ezekiel bread but will probably make it next time on the flat bread which I love so much!! I was never really a fan of chicken salad to begin with, but I was quite fond of this recipe!

  3. I just made this tonight! O boy… Sooo delicious! I really liked it! All I did extra was add some salt and pepper. I wish I had some grapes to add! Thanks for the great recipe Julie!! 🙂