Skinny Frappe Premium PD Recipe

You won’t miss the ritual of a summertime cold coffeehouse treat on a Protective Diet. The classic Mocha Frappe has been lightened up and offered to you with caloric and pocketbook savings. This refreshing icy chocolate beverage will cool you down and keep you light on your healthy feet this summer. A perfect option when mealtime is around the corner and you’re in the mood for a cold treat that tastes great and is less filling than a Frosty.


  1. This is very good and so cooling on a summer day in South Louisiana. First, I was skeptical because I don’t generally like the taste of Rooibos Tea. It blended very well in the recipe so it wasn’t an issue. Secondly, I did need to add 2 tiny drops of stevia for my own personal preferences. The biggest plus is the creaminess of the concentrate when added to the blender ingredients. It has a very rich taste. I love it!

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