Skinny Fry Sauce Premium PD Recipe

In Utah and Idaho Fry Sauce is a thing; a mayo-ketchup-potato-dip thing. On a Protective Diet it is a quick mix-no blender needed-saucy-protective thing to dip and toss everything in. Salads are tossed, and sandwiches, baked chips, and oil-free fries are dipped. I thinned it down, cut the fat, sugar, and additives making this sauce a probiotic packed-lycopene laced-cellular protective-put on everything thing. Check out the recipe serving suggestions and try the sauced up 50/50 Salad Stuffed Potato.

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  1. I’m all about sauces. I think they make meals delicious and exciting. I had not heard of or tried fry sauce before, but Julie’s skinny fry sauce is delicious. AND it couldn’t be easier to whip together! I highly recommend adding the garlic!

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