Speedy Steak Fries Premium PD Recipe

I’ve had the pleasure of using a steam oven during in-home cooking lessons. These are the latest and greatest appliances in gourmet high-end kitchens. After spending time playing with steam ovens I’d dream of how wonderful it would be to have one. Then I realized I already do, and so do the majority of my students! I raced into the test kitchen and perfected this amazing time-saving technique to make golden steak fries with just 20 minutes of baking time and the assistance of steam. This recipe is perfect for hot summer days when you want to shortcut running your oven, save energy and enjoy crispy potatoes. Blend up some PD Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce for dipping or shortcut your Buffalo Potato Wedges with this awesomely simple, time and energy saving technique.


  1. I’ve always enjoyed potato tacos, and last night I used this recipe with PD corn tortillas and molcajete salsa for a quick dinner fix. The potatoes were perfectly done. Thanks Julie Marie!

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