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A protective sauce that will heat up everything you eat this summer, it’s called Zhug in Hebrew and Sahawig in Yemeni Arabic. For easier pronunciation the name has evolved to Schug (and often pronounced schwoog). Still hard for me to say so I named the PD version Spice Sauce. I’m still perfecting my pronunciation of this exciting condiment that I can’t live without to keep food history alive. This popular condiment found at falafel stands and served with hummus in Israel has made its way all around the world. Although it is prepared with similar ingredients, it varies in color from bright green to brownish red depending on the region the person preparing it is from. In my opinion it is better than Africa’s harissa sauce that is roasted in flavor like Protective Diet’s delicious King Sauce. Protective Diet’s version is brownish in color and traditionally called Skhugchum. According to folklore, The Jews of Yemen believed the chili pepper in this sauce assisted the body to withstand illness, improve vitality and aid digestion. I suggest putting it on anything you want to make exciting, but it is best served with everything. See the recipe serving suggestions for a plant-based trip around the world with links to my favorite Protective Diet Middle Eastern recipes and many American classics I enjoy this flavorful sauce with.


  1. Spice sauce! I think I could drink it. I made a double batch and it isn’t enough. I seeded 2 jalapeños rather than four and it was very mild. I’ll use 4 next time and let a few seeds slip in.

  2. I like all of my food spicy. Heck, I put hot sauce on cantaloupe! Flavors of spicy sauces is very important to me. THIS IS THE BOMB!!!!!! The fresh ingredients pack a powerful aromatic punch, and the blend of flavors is absolutely perfect!! I have a new favorite hot sauce, and that took something truly special. This Spice Sauce is LIT!!!!

  3. I think the King may have been dethroned tonight. This is the best sauce! The store had no jalapeños, and I was set on making this. I googled and decided one Anaheim and one Serrano would equal two jalapeños. At home, I tasted them both and found them both very mild. So I tossed in two Serrano’s. Ohhhhh, perhaps that was a teeny bit overkill, and my sauce was um, hot, and sooooo delicious!

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