Perfect Steel-Cut Oats Free PD Recipe

This recipe is designed for morning time efficiency and perfectly cooked oats. Using this method, babysitting a pot on the stove and setting a timer is eliminated. The best part is it is so simple that I can make a fresh serving every day. Jerry has gotten into the routine of starting his oats first thing in the morning and they are warm and waiting for him post-shower.

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  1. I am so excited for this easy, inexpensive, great tasting recipe. I hated standing and watching oats since they always burned or boiled over. These are easy as pie and simply fantastic!

  2. One serving for an active person. Two If you are enjoying fruit with it and eating lunch in a few hours. I never restrict portions. This plan is about eating until you are nice and satisfied. A nice size serving of oats is not going to cause weight gain or you to not reach your ideal body weight. If you follow a Protective Diet you will get there without portion restriction. It is very hard if not an impossible struggle to restrict portions for weight loss to accommodate ingredients such as sugar, oil, nuts and animal products. I recommend you look over the article I wrote called Fearing Carbs under F&Q. Increase the whole foods and eliminate ALL the empty processed foods and you will reach your goal in no time.

  3. Is the recipe for 1 or two servings…? I have been whole food plant based for a few years and have lost about 50 lbs however I have another 50 to go and I have been having a hard time losing it. I still have sugar sometimes and know I overeat.

  4. I just wanted to comment that they do great if you make them the night before! Also I love these because they keep me so full! In the past I would eat breakfast and be hungry a few hours later. These oats keep me full until lunch:) If I happen to get hungry I each a couple of tortilla chips or a half potato.

    Kristie Clark

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