Sugar-Free Stovetop Granola Premium PD Recipe


Vanilla Crunch and Crunchy Cacao are my sweet granola dream come true, made on the stovetop to keep our ovens off while we enjoy the lazy days of summer. In minutes it’s ready for a hike or to take on your bike. This granola is a healthy camper’s delight done right. Summer road trips just got even sweeter! Movie and munch nights, pass me a jar, and I’ll vacuum the couch tomorrow. Keep it neat with a scoop of nice cream or top an unforgettable yogi bowl. Bananas take a dip into Sugar-Free Chocolate Fondue and a roll in the ‘nola for a kid-friendly interactive dessert or snack. This fall, our Apple Crumbles will be double topped post bake for additional crunch. I have a feeling Frostys will never be the same on a Protective Diet with this revolutionary quick-prep stovetop granola recipe.

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Comments (3)

  1. posted by nancy quinn on June 18, 2020

    This granola is delicious! Just like “the real thing”! I never imagined that my daily Yogi Bowl could get any better!! 5 STARS

  2. posted by Janice Price on June 12, 2020

    Oil free, sugar free granola—yes! I have made both vanilla and chocolate variations and both are delicious. The hardest thing about making this recipe is having to wait for it to cool before eating any! Bump up the goodness of your yogi bowls, or top ice cream, or a frosty, sprinkle some on top of muffins or banana health bread, or just eat some as a snack…so good!

  3. posted by kris flynn on June 9, 2020

    This granola recipe was fast and simple to prepare. The taste was delicious and the texture was crunchy. I will be making this recipe all the time. Thanks so much. I made the vanilla first, but I will try the chocolate too!!

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