Strawberry Corn Cakes Premium PD Recipe

These golden berry-filled corn cakes are fun to make and perfect to prepare when sweet strawberries are in season. This recipe was inspired by a visit to the beautiful strawberry fields of Carlsbad, California. I combined my love of corn, fresh berries and a take-it-and-go style breakfast cake. I suggest you find the time to slow it down and enjoy these topped with Protective Diet’s thick and creamy Greek Yogurt, along with extra berries for dipping.

  • Strawberry Corn Cakes Premium PD Recipe

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  1. My daughter called these Strawberry Shortcake cookies today. I didn’t make them for a long time because the idea of corn and strawberries didn’t seem that appealing, however they are quite delicious and will make a yummy breakfast on the go. Thanks, Julie.

  2. I mixed up the battery and got my first pan in the oven cooking. Ever since I’ve been a kid I love tasting the better. There’s no eggs in this so why not? Oh my gosh! This is so incredibly good! I can’t wait until the first batch comes out and cools down so I can taste the cooked one. The batter is excellent. Julie you have outdone yourself! Good job!

  3. another winner! so good and easy to make. i had no idea what this would taste like before i made them and they are amazing. almost like a big soft cookie, i used 1/2 the sweetener and next time i might just leave it out.

  4. Ok so I’m dying to try these. I had all the ingredients EXCEPT strawberries. Ran to the store (Jewel) and lo and behold their shipment of strawberries didn’t come in. Crazy, I know… middle of summer and no strawberries? Too lazy to drive to another store so come home and remember I have a bag of fresh cherries in the fridge. So guess what, I chopped up the cherries and gave it a go. Results? Not bad at all! Sweet, juicy and delicious. I will definitely try again once I get some strawberries. Thanks for a wholesome treat!