Sugar-Free Kettle Corn Premium PD Recipe

The original sweet and salty crunchy treat was made in an iron kettle called a Dutch Oven and introduced to the United States by Dutch settlers in 1776. It was a part of the excitement at fairs and festive occasions. Protective Diet keeps food history alive and progressive, taking this 18th-century treat into the health-focused 21st. With our modern kitchens, air poppers, and Instant Pots and desires for fun food every day of the week, we can enjoy this historic snack in minutes. Sugar-Free Kettle Corn is oil-free, lightly sweetened, and kissed with salt for a maximum snack satisfaction any day of the week while maintaining optimal health.

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  1. This is an awesome recipe! I also remade one of my childhood favorite cereals “sugar puffs”. I used the organic kamut cereal in place of the popcorn and added 1 tsp vanilla to the esugar and ½ of the salt. It’s a winner! Thanks for another awesome recipe, Julie!

  2. Kettle corn is AMAZING!!! This recipe is spot on! I feel like this could be given to anyone whatever diet they eat and they would recognize it for kettle corn. It is crunchy and salty and sweet! Sometimes air popped popcorn can be hard to chew but this recipe perfects it! Thanks Julie!

    1. This is my favorite treat to share with friends and new neigbor welcome gifts. Like you said it is well received! YAY! I love having another healthy treat that makes people say WOW!

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