Sugar-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf or Muffins Premium PD Recipe

Winter is citrus season, and this recipe serves us DNA-repairing enzymes found in the peel of the lemon. Zesting lemons fills our sinuses with mood-lifting aromatherapy. Let’s all take a deep breath and make perfectly tender zesty lemon cakes with poppy seed crunch and an unforgettable bakery-style muffin top. Glazed looks beautiful, but plain is just as impressive. Share a dozen at work and watch them disappear without a single sugar-free health food vegan comment. These make a perfect neighborly hang-on-the-doorknob, ding-dong-and-dash, thinking-of-you surprise. The only thing more uplifting than the smell of lemon cake baking on a gray winter day is walking through the snow while making a special PD delivery.

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  1. Love these! The crunch from the poppy seeds & the subtle lemon flavor is spot on. I added blueberries the 2nd time I made them & my husband commented these are “the best you’ve ever made!” Wow! Thanks for the awesome recipe Julie Marie.

  2. I love these lemon poppy seed muffins! I froze a batch and I have been eating them all week. I have some PD royal icing in the fridge I put on each one when I am ready to eat it. I just finished the last one so I need to make more. I love the dough whisk it makes stirring them up really easy. Thanks Julie!