Sugar-Free Macerated Strawberries Premium PD Recipe

During strawberry season, from May to June, this quick-prep recipe will eliminate the disappointment and waste of the most perishable item in your plant-based refrigerator. Layer these saucy berries on Protective Diet’s Oven Baked French Toast or Pressure Cooked Strawberry Shortcake topped with the always-impressive Sugar-Free Whipped Topping. Swap out your usual frozen blueberries for these saucy ruby gems to make a spring into summer style Yogi Bowl. Garnish a Protective Diet original Pressure Cooked Cheeze Cake. A summertime favorite is a chocolate nice cream banana split sundae complete with Sugar-Free Macerated Strawberries, Chocolate Fondue and don’t forget the nut-free PD Nutz. Please share in the comments below how you enjoyed every single delicious strawberry you brought home before it perished with this recipe.

  • Sugar-Free Macerated Strawberries Premium PD Recipe

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