Sugar-Free Peach Buckle Premium PD Recipe

This old-fashioned fresh fruit-filled coffee cake is quick to put together and making a comeback while we slim down on a Protective Diet. Vanilla cake batter is topped with fresh peaches and baked until the vanilla cake buckles up between them. This fuss-free skillet-style cake went out of style when fancy desserts became trendy. I’ve doctored this oldie up and made it easier and more rewarding than the original. This recipe showcases protective peaches in a tender baked high-fiber whole wheat cake, delicately kissed with homemade Madagascar vanilla extract. Serve it for breakfast with a drizzle of Plant-Based Yogurt, a dollop of creamy Greek soy yogurt, or satisfy your sweetie tooth with creamy scoops of Sugar-Free French Vanilla Nice Cream for dessert.

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  1. I really enjoyed this recipe. The mildly sweet vanilla cake with the peaches was a perfect combination…AND it couldn’t be easier to make! I enjoyed this as a dessert, but also think it would be perfect served with brunch. The addition of PD powdered sugar adds to eye appeal, but is not needed for this recipe to be delicious.

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