Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Extra duck sauce packets was my regular request when I ordered Chinese take-out. More than enough soy sauce packets were always included, but those packets of sweet and sour sauce were rationed like they were gold along with the tiny cup of hot mustard offered only when egg rolls were ordered. The sweet and tangy special sauce with a duck on the packet was the prize in the bag and the only reason I ordered egg rolls. My sugar-free remake recipe tastes exactly like the original. I am no longer limited by tiny packet rations. I feel good dipping just about everything in this sauce. Garnish a grain bowl of steamed broccoli over brown rice cooked in Protective Diet Broth Mix with Sweet and Sour Duck Sauce for a quick-prep meal you’ll remember. See the serving suggestions for more ways to enjoy this nostalgic condiment.


  1. Oh my gosh! This sauce is better than any restaurant I’ve ever had! It is sweet and just the right consistency. It leaves a little teeny heat in your mouth and a pleasant aftertaste making you want more!

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