Sugar-Free Whipped Topping Premium PD Recipe

Light as a cloud with a pearlescent sparkle, whipped-up by plant-based angels who walk the earth eating what protects them, all animals and the planet. They find joy in their Workplace for Wellness, topping health-promoting whole grain cakes, fruit pies, brown rice pudding, Tuber Tonic lattes and nice cream with Sugar-Free Whipped Topping magic. The lucky are the ones who are invited over to enjoy their lovely protective treats.

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  1. This recipe is so cool. It brought me back to my mom and aunt making “peaks” for their pies growing up. Julie, thank you for this recipe. Just making it brought such sweet memories. It makes me realize you are more than a “cook” you are a spiritual creator with your recipes that enhance our lives and bodies. Thank you, Stephanie

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