Sunset Rice Bowl Premium PD Recipe

The Sunset Rice Bowl is a favorite fast five recipe with irresistible color, texture, and protective ingredients proven to fight oxidative stress, aging, cancer, inflammation, and heart disease. Focusing on naturally Improving eyesight and a protective microbiome population, I was inspired to get outside and enjoy Southern Utah’s black lava landscapes and bright desert sunsets with easy-to-pack picnic whole-grain bowls. Like all muscles our eyes get stronger with use and training, so I set a goal to dine alfresco while gazing at distant mountain scapes. During my dinner hour I will shift my gaze from electronics to stretch and strengthen my eyes on the horizon. I will ground my bare feet to the earth to gather protective microbes while physically connecting to nature to reboot energetically. As a health-focused multitasker I had to point out all the betterment behind this pack-it-up, vegged-up grain bowl. Connecting with earth’s microbes is equally as important as the anti-inflammatory plant fiber, starch energy, and protective polyphenols included in this recipe. Make summer of 2023 the summer you dined outside, kicked off your shoes, and incorporated nature to heal and improve your life experience. It is as easy to pack two, three, or four bowls as it is one, so call some friends and invite them to meet you for a plant-based picnic on the trail, at the beach, or in the park. Connection to each other and nature is essential to optimal health.



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