Super Natural Whitening Toothpaste Premium PD Recipe

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This oil-free recipe is supernatural because it doesn’t contain carcinogenic ingredients found in commercial natural toothpaste. Dramatically cut the cost of oral hygiene, improve product performance and eliminate the chemical mouth bath. Every time you brush your teeth you will feel like you outsmarted “them” with another high-performance low-cost DIY Protective Diet Lifestyle product in your healthy home. Lifestyle recipes are created to promote holistic living, cut costs, eliminate package waste and save you time searching for natural non-toxic high-performance products. Take a look at your current toothpaste and comment in the blog below how many chemicals you cut out of your daily routine with this supernatural PD recipe.

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  1. Omg. My mom was a hygienists for 30 years and I have dentists in my family, and they have all taken note on how healthy my teeth look. I flavor mine with star anise and it’s like having a licorice treat every time I brush. I just dip my electric (sonic care) toothbrush into the pot, run it gently under the faucet, and brush away for two minutes (30 seconds for each mouth quadrant)) and my teeth are clean and white. Also- I just got braces with clear and metal brackets- this paste keeps the stains from the Tuber Tonic, Daal, and berries away! Seriously- it’s safe for the dentally challenged too! Thanks, Julie- no more chemical baths for my mouth!

  2. I’ve noticed as my paste gets to the bottom of the jar the soda becomes more concentrated. This sometimes irritates my gums. Jerry doesn’t have the sensitivity I do so I give him the bottom of my jar and make a fresh batch for myself.

  3. I finally got my little jars and was able to make my first batch of this awesome toothpaste a week ago. I’m so glad I took a before picture. This is only one week. I can’t wait to see what it will look like after six months! ( I was going to add a picture but there is no icon to click on to do so.)

    Also, my teeth feel so clean and smooth! I did change up some of the essential oil’s. There’s a total of 25 drops so I did five drops of frankincense, five drops of Melaleuca, five drops of clove, five drops of peppermint, and five drops of lemon. I had searched for essential oil’s that improve the health of teeth and gums. That is why I chose those five out of a list of about eight.

    I love the ease of using this toothpaste. I know it is extremely beneficial while it whitens!

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