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My refrigerator door is at last complete with this Asian inspired additive free quick blend condiment. Designed to complement the Protective Diet Sushi Roll Bowl recipe. During testing, I used it to turn a bowl of hot brown rice and steamed broccoli into an umami experience. It made simple cold noodles and shredded cabbage into an Asian noodle delight, perfect for a speedy lunch or late night snack.

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  1. posted by Janice Price on January 13, 2017

    So easy to make and so delicious! I am definitely going to have to stay stocked up on ginger as this sauce will make many appearances in my meal plans! Used it tonight for broccoli and brown rice and it made a very simple meal taste special. I can hardly wait for the Sushi Roll Bowl recipe that this was developed for! Thanks Julie for another outstanding recipe!

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