Sweet Mustard Dressing Premium PD Recipe

Tangy and slightly sweet would best describe this grownup sugar-free and oil-free version of honey mustard dressing. Light enough to toss together with fresh baby greens and bold enough to use as a flavorful sauce on brown rice and steamed broccoli. Pour it on heavy. This dressing is a low-cal flavor enhancer designed to dress up any of your favorite veggies or starches to improve healthy meal satisfaction.


  1. So I didn’t have any more yogurt but was craving my new favorite salad dressing so… I used one cup of soymilk instead of the yogurt and put in 2 Tbls chia seeds instead of one. Still scrupdidlyicious!!!!! So if you don’t have yogurt or a yogurt maker you can still try a version of this wonderful salad dressing! It’s just SO good!!!

  2. Growing up I was never a mustard fan. Since I started a Protective Diet over 3 years ago i’ve grown to love it in my salad dressings and potato salad. This is an oil free sugar free nut free dairy free vegan Sweet Mustard dressing and I had no idea what to expect. Its got a sweet zing to it. Last nite for an early dinner, I made steamed asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes. It was really good but was thinking id love over my lunch salad, I did. Salad of chopped baby greens, tomatoes, cucumber, green onions topped with home grown organic alfalfa sprouts. The past few salads Ive made too large so today I made one big tossed salad to split, it was the perfect size with a rice cake and some roasted chick peas.

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