Sweet Potato Pie Premium PD Recipe

Sweet potato pie is the pumpkin pie of the South, and in my opinion, it is the far better tasting of the two. It is traditionally served on holidays celebrating Fall’s harvest of potatoes and warming spices. This pie’s beautiful presentation, creamy texture and aromatic flavors will have your friends and family excited to enjoy a Protective Diet style holiday. This dessert is healthy enough for breakfast and decadent enough to serve at a Thanksgiving celebration for guests who are not on a plant-based diet. As always, and even on the holidays, we keep recipes totally vegan, free of sugars, nuts and oil to honor our health and nourish our bodies. Take advantage of these innovative recipes to keep holidays traditional while staying on plan with every delicious bite. Your full-time practice not only benefits your protective cellular wall called the endothelium, it maintains your reprogrammed sensitive taste buds for improved meal satisfaction and long term sustainability on a low-fat plant-based diet.


  1. Made this for the first time with okara crust. It was fabulous and my omnivore husband enjoyed it, too! Easy and fool-proof. Thank you for creating such delicious and healthy recipes!

  2. Love this recipe! I actually had leftover filling, even as I measured 4 even cups of sweet potatoes. No big deal though, because I used to left over filling to make 3 more mini pies! I found that it’s best to press the crust on the bottom as thin as possible in order to have enough to go up the sides and scallop the edges with a fork. Great recipe- I will make it again and again!

  3. We liked the crust better in the Apple Pie, however, that didn’t stop us from consuming this pie! The filling became so firm, yet creamy, in the fridge. It’s also easy to make, especially with the pressure cooker shortcut for the potatoes.

  4. I made this pie today and the chocolate pie last week…delicious! Both times, I used 3 pounds of sweet potatoes and barely had enough for 4 cups. Today, I rolled out the crust. Thanks Julie Marie!

  5. The filling is spot on! Creamy, flavorful and all you could ask for in a pie..The only issue I have is with the crust. The bottom is fine but the sides are dry. I did my best to make the sides thinner hoping that would help but not so. Overall a delicious and healthy pie. Thanks!!

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