Taco Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Follow this recipe guide and enjoy classic Taco Sauce your way, eliminating craving-inducing food additives found in restaurant packets and commercial bottles. Make it mild, medium or make it like fire sauce to top a taco salad, dress up Beef-less Taco Filling, add an extra zing to Protective Diet Chorizo Tacos, complete Pintos & Cheeze, spread on a Mexican Pizza or top Fiesta Layer Dip with the familiar flavor of Mexican drive-thru.

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  1. Hallelujah! My SAD hubby said he will stop buying the Taco Hell Dauce from the grocery store if I make it medium! DEAL!! Tastes great, and it will go on everything! Has anyone ever tried hot sauce on melons? SO GOOD! Cantaloupe is my favorite. I’m thinking of mashing some retried beans and making a couple of flout tortillas tonight!