Tapioca Pudding Premium PD Recipe

This fast prep sugar-free Tapioca Pudding is packed with plant-based palate pleasing pearls. Tapioca, from the root of the cassava plant, provides starch-based energy paired with Protective Diet ingredients shown to inhibit angiogenesis of cancer and protect DNA. Enjoy the texture and taste while appreciating the protection and high energy this comfort food favorite remake provides.


  1. Finally made the tapioca pudding! I love it! I have never made tapioca pudding before and I thought it would be a little weird with the pieces of lemon and lime zest in there, but they totally evaporated and you don’t even know they are in there. They give this pudding such a fresh flavor! Also I was a bit bummed last night because I didn’t think it would be as thick as the store bought pudding I had when I was younger, but low and behold boy is it ever thick and yummy after sitting in the refrigerator over night!!! This is such an easy recipe to make and will be in rotation of favorite breakfast treats for sure!!!

  2. This recipe is soooooo good! It’s delicious hot or cold. When I let it chill overnight I was amazed by how it thickens up so much and how refreshing an creamy it is. I love the lemon and lime flavoring from the rinds. It’s amazing to think that this version of one of my favorite desserts is healthy for me! I give it 10 Stars!

  3. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!!! Tapioca heaven is what this recipe should be called. This recipe is so good – I have never been a warm tapioca pudding lover – it’s good warm. But it’s GREAT cold! Super easy. Super delicious. Super protective! Try it today!

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