Plant-Based Taquitos Premium PD Recipe

Celebrate game day or any day of the week with oil-free dippable taquitos. They’re traditionally filled with meat, tightly rolled, fried, and served with high-fat guacamole and sour cream. Our guilt-free remake is complete with protective toppings and dip options to improve our blood flow and maintain slim waistlines. This quick-prep whole-grain gluten-free recipe transforms leftovers into party food everyone will enjoy. Practicing a Protective Diet is never a sacrifice, with recipes and cooking techniques to keep fun, satisfying meals on your table while offering protection to humans, animals and our planet.


  1. These have the crunch of fried taquitos, but they’re not. Loved them topped with PD yogurt, fermented salsa, fermented onion, fermented peppers, fresh tomatoes, guac-faux-mole, and chopped cilantro…makes a very impressive and inviting platter of food for guests…or just yourself!

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