Tartar Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Creamy and delicious dairy-free Protective Diet Tartar Sauce is almost too good to be true. Enjoy this tangy spread layered on a Filet-No-Fish Sandwich or wake up your inner child and scoop it up with some Fish-less Sticks. Don’t stop there! Use it in place of PD House Mayo in the Mock Tuna Salad. Tartar sauce was always a fattening guilty pleasure for me. Now I enjoy it freely while I promote my immune system with a Protective Diet.


  1. Wonderful!!! I used more of the PD relish, probably at least 1/2 cup (we really love the relish.) We also like tart so I used 4 TB lemon juice. Used it on Filet-No-Fish and hubby and I really enjoyed it.

  2. The tarter sauce is a big hit!! We add extra relish to it & use it for all kinds of stuff: the fish sticks, the tuna salad, the chicken salad even on carrot dogs or veggie burgers! It is quite the tasty condiment!!! We just love it!

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