The Skinny Big Fat Greek Salad Premium PD Recipe

In Greece, it is called a village salad. Protective Diet slimmed it down to celebrate it’s garden fresh flavor and cucumber crunch. Let’s keep global food history alive and promote longevity with new wellness traditions throughout our plant-based community. Pair it up with your favorite starch-energy transforming this salad into a balanced meal. When we eliminate blood-thickening oil and cancer fertilizing cheese we slim down effortlessly and naturally improve our microbiota with plant fiber. While effortlessly cutting out a thousand inflammatory calories we can enjoy our fill of satisfying whole wheat pita, fresh whole wheat bread maker bread, or steak house croutons. Protective Diet recipes are your guide to sustainable weight loss and optimal health.


  1. This is an amazingly simple and amazingly delicious salad…I have topped a Greek bowl with it, made Panzanella salad with it, and just eaten it as a simple side salad…it is so good!

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