Thin Mint Nice Cream Premium PD Recipe

A perfect copycat of the limited edition Girl Scout ice cream flavor is mandatory to satisfy our desire for frozen thin mint cookies. I made the healthiest and creamiest nice cream and cake, using cancer-protective angiogenesis-inhibiting plant-based breakfast pantry ingredients. With this innovative recipe and freezer storage system, PD families and singles can enjoy a daily scoop of nostalgic protection. Self-awareness followed by self-care with Protective Diet puts me in charge and makes me the boss of my body, mind, and mood. Removing food additives, sugars and fats from my diet eliminates physical food cravings. The practice of a Protective Diet allowed me to address the psychologically driven hunger that caused my overconsumption of Girl Scout cookies without any satisfaction. With my daily practice, I feel pleasure in life and enjoy food satisfaction. A cookie binge never ends with satisfaction. A binge is never about the food. Improving our self-awareness and self-care allows us to eliminate this common abusive behavior. Join me in my Workplace for Wellness for guidance and support with PD-Ed Lesson #251 Nice Cream Sandwiches and Building a Strong Immune System.

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