Tofu Lettuce Wraps Premium PD Recipe

This is one of my top favorite restaurant remakes. It is as delicious as the original PF Chang’s version and surprisingly quick and easy to prepare. These guilt-free lettuce bundles are loaded with the crunch of water chestnuts and mushrooms and bathed in a dark slightly sweet garlic ginger sauce that you’d never guess is oil-free. It took a little PD recipe magic to perfect this quick-prep party-pleasing appetizer that can also be enjoyed as a meal alone, served over simple brown rice, or alongside Protective Diet Un-Fried Rice for a memorable evening of restaurant style Chinese favorites.


  1. I love the texture from the tofu! These were even better the second day! My husband ate it over rice and I loved it over baked potatoes. It’s not super sweet, but just sweet enough for me.

  2. So yummy, tofu mushroom lettuce wraps. Served with organic short brown rice this dish is a keeper. I used iceberg lettuce which i havent eaten since I was a kid. Its great and crunchy. I didnt have the water chestnuts and it was still amazing, can’t wait til i have them. I was also going to add some chopped celery for the crunch but forgot to.

  3. PF Chang’s Lettuce Wraps was my favorite dish and the only thing I ordered for my meal. This PD Version is Perfect! Made it for dinner tonight and it is just plain delicious! Loved every bite and basically ate every bite 🙂 Thank You – Been waiting for this one for while and it was totally worth the wait.

  4. These are delicious! Even my husband, who doesn’t eat PD if he can help it, and turned his nose up at the tofu when he saw it, loved them. I seem to remember P.F.Chang’s having potatoes in them. Do you think this would be a good addition?

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