Tomato Cream Sauce Over Pasta With Spinach Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video

I created this rich, creamy garlic sauce bursting with tomatoes and herbs to fill the void left by my all time favorite pasta dish, Rigatoni a la Vodka, from my favorite old neighborhood Italian restaurant in Chicago. The original dish was a weekly indulgence of mine and contributed to my heart disease and ongoing obesity. This version promotes the reversal of disease, elimination of obesity and total joy with the meal satisfaction of pasta covered in Tomato Cream Sauce.

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  1. This is my absolute favorite dish. I can make it as quickly as I can cook the pasta. The sauce is SO easy to make and is ready when the pasta is. Then I dole it out in individual containers to-go and I get 8 servings out of it. My week is complete when I have this waiting for me in the fridge.

    1. I would add them before freezing and when reheating add more if you have them on hand for color. Check out my video on preserving fresh herbs and you will always have them on hand.

  2. After reading many positives and glowing reviews on Facebook about this pasta dish I decided to check the pantry for the ingredients. I got lucky I had lots of spinach on hand, as well as tomatoes my mother-in-law had put into jars some months back that I finally got to use. As I looked over the recipe I had my doubts this would go over with the family, mainly because of the nutritional yeast.

    Instead of rigatoni, I used whole wheat spaghetti for my meal, overall it turned out wonderful! I followed the recipe as written and before I served up any plates I decided to give it the real taste. My wife and my son. I took a sample up to my wife, who tasted it and said it was good. Her only concern the sauce seemed a bit watery. Okay. I still took it as positive. My son took a nice spoonful and got a big smile on his face was ready to eat!

    I decided to bring the sauce back to a boil and added more cornstarch with soy milk in order to thicken the sauce up even further. I figured it would fine as is, but to please the wife I tried to make it thicker. I drained the pasta and then mixed with the sauce.

    Initially I thought a pound of pasta was too much for the three of us. I probably could have made two pounds and we might have gotten a full second meal out of it. Not only did I eat seconds…yes and thirds but my son and wife both asked for seconds! This had never happened with any of Julie’s recipes, so this was exciting for me.

    The following day I had just one small serving remaining, which I reheated with the intent of eating for dinner, but offered it to my wife instead. Needless to say she accepted and her and my son shared the pasta for dinner. It felt good to finally find another successful recipe to feed them, which is healthy and filling. Thanks Julie!

  3. This is so delicious! REALLY!!! I made this for my family, my 11 year old granddaughter loved it!! I love pasta & sauce… this recipe is amazing!!! never would I have known this could taste so good!!
    Thank YOU JULI!!! OMgosh!!! what is so wonderful about this IS it’s incredibly easy to remember how to create it all over again!!!! I’m stoked!!!

  4. Made this last night for a quick ‘whip together’ dinner. Was a HUGE hit. My son who hates anything pasta and/or cheese actually ate a few bites too. AMAZING! I am looking forward to day 2 and eating it for lunch! THANKS JULIE!

  5. Made this Saturday and wasn’t too thrilled because the sauce didn’t absorb into the wheat pasta BUT the next day it was EXCELLENT. The sauce was able to absorb into the pasta and it made all the difference. This will be one of our weekly meals!

  6. I made this in the morning so I would have lunch or dinner for the day/week and I couldn’t wait to eat it so I had it for breakfast! Very good and satisfying. I added onions and mushrooms and a can of diced tomatoes because the tomato w/puree was only 26 ounces so I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough sauce, but it turned out amazing! Definitely will put this in the rotation!

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