Tostadas Free PD Recipe

These are easy to make, colorful, and work well for a party or a weeknight meal. Kids love to help layer them up and choose their toppings. Save hundreds of calories with this baked plant-based nutrient dense delicious Protective Diet version.

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  1. I bought and froze blue corn tortillas here in Ontario. They were the only PD ones available from the tortilleria in a nearby city. Can I I thaw and put these in the oven?

  2. This tostada recipe has become a quick, “go to” recipe the past month. I am amazed at how quickly I have have a health, filling meal. What makes this recipe even quicker is having lettuce, onion and tomato already chopped up, storing in the refrigerator.

    I use a version of Julie’s Unfried Black Beans, but use pintos with an entire onion, fresh garlic and some red chili peppers along with some chili pepper and cumin. I try to keep the heat down, as my son and wife enjoy a milder flavor.

    Nothing quicker than heating the beans on the stove while the tortillas are in the oven warming up to a crisp. I end up building my tostada with the unfried beans, lettuce, onion, tomato, salad, no-yo cheese sauce and some green hot sauce. I didn’t have any, but I would usually have sour cream dream on top.

    Great recipe, great flavor. Thank you Julie for another great recipe!

  3. I love making these! They’re a fast and easy go to meal & you can make them different every time. I love loading them up. My 6 year old loves these too. She loves helping in the kitchen so she really enjoyed putting her own toppings on.

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