Ultimate Cheeze Sauce Premium PD Recipe

For years many of us have enjoyed Protective Diet’s spicy No Fat Not-Yo Cheeze Sauce. A few members reminded me of Goldilocks when they found it to be too hot or they were sensitive to the main ingredient. This variation is neutral in flavor and perfect to top just about anything and everything. It is more cost effective and just as simple to blend up as the original with my time-saving tips. This Cheeze is sure to please PD kids around the world and make eating simple veggies, potatoes and grains deliciously exciting.


  1. My go to pasta sauce used to be marinara until I was introduced to this one. Now, I have this sauce at least once a week on pasta. Goes great on nachos, on pizza, well – on anything where you like cheese. Hope you will give it a try!

  2. For whatever reason, I don’t like the flavor of of dried, chopped onion in my recipes. Could I sub the same amount of fresh chopped onion in this cheese sauce recipe with the same delicious results so would I b better off to not use any onion at all?
    Thanks Julie

    1. I suggest blending it without the chopped dried onion and giving it a taste to see if it is to your liking. Do you enjoy onion powder? That would work. Dried onion and onion powder has a sweetness and doesn’t have the bite of fresh onion. I think fresh would be a little to strong. What brand of spices are you using? The chopped dried onion as well as the onion powder that is linked in the recipes and listed in the shop has a delicious flavor and superior to other brands I’ve tried.

  3. I didn’t think anything could top the NYCS (Not Yo Cheeze Sauce) I’d been using for nearly two years, but here ya go! We are bananas over the creamy, cheesy texture and taste. We put it on everything around here. It reminds me of the cheese sauce in those Tuna and Hamburger Helpers growing up, with a hint of the Velveeta – I’m not sure which one, but it’s just so good!

  4. Not the first time I have used potatoes as the basis for a cheese sauce. Love the consistency it brings. I do notice that the sauce tends to really thicken up, especially the day after. I have got into the habit of thinning the sauce down using the water I boiled the potatoes in. This sauce had a great flavor and will be made for many uses in my kitchen. Love the recipe. Thanks Julie!

  5. If you havent made this new cheeze sauce yet, go do it now. Its so creamy and I can’t get over it. Also its delicious. I added a huge bunch of kale, a big stalk of broccoli and about 2 cups of peas. We had it with Franks but PD King Sauce would be ideal. Next time I’ll add some curry powder. I usually do that to my mac n cheeze but the 1st time I make a recipe I follow it. This was my new recipe this week, my goal is to make at least one new one per week. I love you Julie Marie Christensen

  6. Loved this cheese sauce! I made it today and topped whole wheat pasta and steamed broccoli. Yumminess!!! Next time I’ll add mushrooms to my dish. One question: Do you know if this freezes well to use at a later date? I probably should have cut the recipe in half but having some frozen would be awesome for a quick meal. Another wonderful recipe, Julie Marie. Thank you!

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