Ultimate Plant-Based Mayo Premium PD Recipe

Protective Diet sandwiches are now even better with this Ultimate Plant-Based Mayo which is so deliciously creamy, simple and inexpensive to make. I’ve enjoyed the PD House mayo and the PD Whipped Miracle Spread, but this version has become my absolute favorite. My taste buds have come alive after years of practicing a diet free of fats and sugars, and low in sodium. This version is creamier and milder, just like traditional mayo. I tossed this into Skinny Chick In Salad, topped a BBQ Burger, layered it on a Faux BLT, stirred it into a batch of Spinach Dip and spread it on a Green Burrito.


  1. Love it, i did sub in lemon juice for the water. I considered vinegar based on the other mayo recipes here, but lemon is what I saw as an ingredient in my fav vegan commercial mayo, so tried it and i like it!

  2. Why has no one commented on this AMAZING mayo yet?? The name is perfect, it is so creamy and delicious it truly is the ULTIMATE mayo. You need to make this if you are using any other plant based mayo and especially if you are still using a SAD version.

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