Unfried Rice Premium PD Recipe

This recipe will have you tossing out your takeout menus. You will be enjoying all the flavors and satisfaction of Chinese takeout, but none of the oil and MSG. Add your favorite fresh veggies and make some of the best fried rice you’ve ever tasted.


  1. Wow another delicious recipe to add to our rotation! Makes a huge amount that would be perfect for guests or lunches. So good. I think I will try adding wAter chestnuts for crunch and bok choy to get some leafy greens too next time!

  2. Made this dish for dinner tonight. Super yummy! I added baby bok choy and spinach and serve up with Healthy Hotty Sauce. So glad I’ll have some left over for lunch tomorrow!!!!

  3. This one is a fan favorite at my house. We make this in a pinch with TJ’s frozen brown rice and the frozen veggies to make it ‘mall style’. We never skimp on the garlic or ginger and we fight over the leftovers. Don’t hesitate! Oh, and the mushrooms really do add a good flavor and we are not mushroom people. 🙂

  4. DELICIOUS! I loved, loved this recipe! I am so happy to be eating “Chinese-style” rice again without the guilt! Thanks Julie PS I will double the mushrooms next time, just bcs I LOVE mushrooms!

  5. Just made this again using short-grain brown rice, and organic frozen vegetable blend (carrots, peas, green beans) from Costco. I love the rice, and it’s great to use those veggies when short on time.

  6. Recipes don’t get better than this. The basics are there and we’re free to add whatever veggies we choose. I am so happily full right now and I feel great. Thanks for another delicious recipe, Julie. I love that I’m able to eat this way and not feel deprived because I no longer order Chinese. This tasted better than anything I’ve ordered before, and I’m not left feeling sick afterwards from of all of that rancid oil!

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