Vegetables Tempura Premium PD Recipe

A Japanese deep-fried delicacy remade to fit perfectly into an oil-free Protective Diet. With this gluten-free toss and bake recipe, green veggies will take center stage. Battered and camouflaged as fun party eats with a dozen coordinating protective dips to choose from. Keep your tempura traditional with Sushi Sauce and Japanese Mayo or Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce. Make it a Thanksgiving Brussel sprout spectacular served with Classic Cranberry Sauce for dipping. Turn up the heat and protection any night of the week with trendy Wasabi Ranch Dressing Dip and green bean tempura. This recipe dresses up simple vegetables for a party in your mouth any night of the week.

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  1. Oil free vegan tempura, my new staple, so fast and easy. Never did I think this dish was able to be created guilt free. Julie Marie Christensen you are limitless 🙂 I chose to batter up mushrooms and green beans, can’t wait to tempura everything. Love the new wasabi ranch and I also had my favorite PD duck sauce ready to go. I did add probiotic pepper sauce because it’s what I eat on everything.

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