Veggie Reuben Premium PD Recipe

As he wrapped her toasted, tangy, kraut-filled sandwich in paper she shouted extra Russian on the side! Memories of deli lunches helped Protective Diet highlight the best plant-based parts of this melted cheese Chicago classic while eliminating the fat and fake meat fuss. The set it and forget it Bread Maker Rye Bread, zesty Quick Mix Russian Dressing, dairy-free Melt & Bake Cheeze, ready-and-waiting Ruby Raw Kraut make epic sandwich-making easy. Veg-it-up with a jar of fermented Kosher Deli Dills or warm-it-up with a cup of Instant Tomato Soup. The Veggie Reuben functions as a microbiome booster with natural probiotics and prebiotics in comfort-food camouflage.

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