Veggie Soup & Dumplings Premium PD Recipe

These dense and chewy dumplings are one of my childhood favorites. I can remember fishing for them out of a bowl of my mother’s homemade soup. Veggie Soup and Dumplings is a quick, simple, inexpensive, and perfect hearty, whole-grain home-cooked wintertime meal. If you are serving kids, skip the soup step and serve these dumplings topped with Protective Diet’s “Butter” Sauce or Mushroom Gravy. This is a perfect recipe to make when your pantry and refrigerator is bare and it is too snowy and cold to go to the market.


  1. WOW! LIke Julie Marie,, this recipe took me right back to childhood and my mom’s dumplings. They were always such a treat, and I was intimidated to try to make them, as I never believed I could do as well making them. Follow the recipe step-by-step, and you will find your way to the bottom of a perfect bowl of dumpling soup! So great for a mid-December night!

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