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Sushi in Japanese means vinegar rice. Short grain sticky rice holds veggies together or can be wrapped with nori to create a maki roll. Japanese cuisine is all about savoring each colorful small bite. The artistic presentation of Veggie Sushi Rolls enjoyed with chopsticks offers a dining experience appreciating every exciting flavor and color. This is a perfect Protective Diet make ahead recipe to serve at a party, bring to a potluck or enjoy alone while mastering your Mindful Eating Practice.


1 batch PD Sticky Brown Sushi Rice
PD Sushi Sauce
PD Japanese Mayo


  1. Read directions and notes
  2. Watch PD-Ed Lesson #165, Rolling Sushi & Gimbop
  3. Using an electric pressure cooker, start PD Sticky Brown Sushi Rice
  4. While rice is cooking, blend Sushi Sauce and Japanese Mayo; refrigerate in squeeze bottles until sushi is ready
  5. Prep chosen fillings/vegetables, cut into julienned slices; soaking to tenderize is optional and can be done ahead and rinsed when it’s time to roll sushi
  6. Set out your finger water bowl with optional rice wine vinegar
  7. Lay out plastic cling wrap
  8. Using ½ cup Sticky Brown Sushi Rice and the tight roll technique, prepare sushi rolls
  9. Unroll plastic wrap if adding optional sesame seeds on outside of rice rolls; rewrap pulling tight
  10. Remember to cut rolls into one inch pieces using your sharpest knife, rinsing and wiping off sticky rice as it accumulates on the knife
  11. Peel the plastic cling wrap off each piece, arrange artfully on a plate or platter, pack for lunch or a picnic as shown in the video


  • A small amount of filling/vegetables is easier to roll and fit into your mouth in one bite
  • Choosing just one or two julienned vegetables per roll will give you a more pronounced color in the center of the roll
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Remember to rinse your fingers of sticky rice and clean rice off your knife for perfectly cut rolls
  • Learn how to blanch collard leaves in the Green Burrito video

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