Wonton Crisps Premium PD Recipe

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Dipped in sweet and sour duck sauce and hot mustard, deep-fried wonton skins were a childhood favorite. As a young adult, I enjoyed them layered in a Luau Salad at The Cheesecake Factory. As a restaurant server in my thirties, I started every order with a Poke appetizer layered on a deep-fried wonton crisp. With Protective Diet, the familiar favorites I thought I’d never taste again are part of my regular health-promoting slimdown meals. I can crunch on these, dredged in Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce, layered in a copycat Luau Salad, or topped with Ah-Ha Poke, served thoughtfully with maximum dietary consciousness and eye appeal. Using Protective Diet recipes, I’m having fun entertaining friends with a delicious and beautiful whole food plant-based cuisine.

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  1. These wonton crisps are fantastic…they absolutely have the crispy texture of fried wonton, and are so delicious topped with PD Duck Sauce in the Luau Salad, or with Poke. A super fun and delicious addition to our Protective Diet.