Yellow Lentil Soup Free PD Recipe

This soup is a remake of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant’s house soup. It is bright in color and thick and rich, with warm flavors of smoked paprika and cumin. Although it is traditionally called lentil soup, it is made with yellow split peas. I always stock all the simple ingredients for this house favorite in my Protective Diet Pantry. Enjoy this soup in under an hour with the use of an electric pressure cooker or prepare it in a slow cooker and arrive home to an unforgettable dinner.

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  1. After looking at my yellow lentils and this recipe way too often, I finally made it for last night’s dinner. Yum yum yum. I’ll be sharing with a friend who has health problems and she’s so appreciative when soup comes her way. Thank you for another great recipe, Julie Marie.

    1. This is a remake of a traditional Middle Eastern soup that is called lentil soup. I too was puzzled by this. It can be made with either red lentils or yellow split peas.

  2. I always double this recipe so I have a few portions to freeze. Love to have this available for a quick dinner or lunch. I have made the lentil with the orange lentils many times and the last batch was made with a tri-colored organic lentil mix from Costco. It was amazing, dark and hearty. I also used my own veggie broth and its just better than any can or restaurant. Low sodium too. I used my immersion blender and leave about half in veggie chunks.

  3. Making my first PD meal tonight! This soup smells wonderful 🙂 Can’t wait to try it. I was a little timid browning the onions and garlic. Hopefully, I got them brown enough to add the desired flavor. However, I think my pan browed nicely. HA!

      1. Lentils are typically babies first food in India and very digestable. Yo can soak them but these will cook completely in this recipe making the soaking process a waste of time.

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