Yo Chi Jar Premium PD Recipe

The Yo Chi Jar is a microbiome building, epithelial strengthening, prep-ahead, portable protective meal, or palette pleasing feast finisher for PD Pros living a low-fat, sugar-free, plant-based lifestyle. Healthy resident microbes require resistant starch, polyphenol-rich raw fruit, and microbial yogurt friends to create the most rewarding event we can host in our bodies. This healthy anti-inflammatory subterranean party begins ninety minutes after the plant-based you enjoys a little Yo Chi. After a month of dietary diligence following a Protective Diet you will host a daily feel-good celebration. Inviting and catering to preferred microbial guests is essential to their stay and your safety. Wild and dangerous microbes will bust down our gut walls if we don’t guard the gate by banning unhealthy choices and providing healthy amenities. When we aren’t paying attention they often slip in and ignite everything causing a threatening inflammatory reaction. If we allow these bad buggers into weekend parties, they will force us with uncontrollable cravings to serve them a steady flow of their favorite junk food and beverages all week long. They will control us with dopamine to deliver their favorite sugary, high-fat, processed foods. Once allowed in, they become residents and demand sugar and high-fat processed foods. These bad guys are weak little buggers who need frequent feedings or they will perish. They die when we abstain from bad choices and include microbe-ing to build an army of reliable protective microbes. Unhealthy microbes are loud guests demanding sugar or a fast food fix. They do not go unnoticed. When hungry, they create an uncomfortable shaky feeling often referred to as being hangry or having low blood sugar. I teach how to manipulate the microbes we host and protect them with specific dietary and lifestyle practices with The Protective Diet Microbiome Population Project. Do yourself a solid and be your mouth’s doorman stopping the inflammation at the gate. When this sugar-free fruity Yo Chi Jar tastes exciting and satisfies your appetite you’ve confirmed you are hosting plant fiber-loving healthy microbes. Healthy microbes will ferment and digest resistant starch and plant fiber producing an anti-inflammatory protective healing butyrate bath. Join us in the Protective Diet Education classroom as we advance our practice with microbe-ing to eliminate obesity and the risk of inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases with The Microbiome Population Project.


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