Zesty Italian Dressing Premium PD Recipe

I’ve created the best tasting oil-free salad dressing that is only 125 calories for the entire batch! This dressing is sweet without the use of sugar and has the body of an oil-rich vinaigrette. It’s the Protective Diet version of the Good Seasons Italian Dressing packet I grew up making in the 70’s. This one will have your kids asking for salad seconds. They’re sure to be excited about anything you top with it. Enjoy this classic Italian dressing on garden fresh salads, deli style sandwiches or a pasta salad for your next BBQ. Go ahead and pour it on heavily and start eating your way to a slimmer, healthier you.


  1. I tried this recipe during my 30 day detox and did not care for it, but just made it again and loved ii. Can’t wait to use it for summer pasta salads, marinade for grilled veggie, vinaigrette for sub sandwiches….

  2. Julie puts the “ZING” back in zesty with this offering of a zesty Italian dressing. I had only attempted one previous dressing (Southwest Ranch) that used chia seed. I’ll be honest, it didn’t taste good, it came out very thick and the flavor was not what I was expecting, so I was a bit hesitant to give this zesty recipe a shot.

    Side from probably not following the directions or misreading them (why do I do that so often??), I made sure that the chia was blended very well, which was a problem with the southwest ranch the first time around. After a few minutes in the blender I had a greyish brown base ready to season. I chopped up the red pepper and tossed the remaining ingredients and shook my container.

    I was amazed at the flavor when I stuck my spoon in for a quick taste. It was the zesty flavor of Italian without oil. Genius! I tossed it on an assorted green salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, which accompanied by pasta dinner. Based on this success I will give the southwest ranch another shot.

    Great work on the dressing. Thanks Julie!

  3. I am not a salad person but I am now after trying this dressing. It is so-o-o-o good. 🙂 In the morning I say to myself, “I can’t wait until I can have salad with Zesty Italian Dressing on it!”. I am so happy you came up with this dressing Julie Marie. Thank you! I am sure to have my salads and get all my greens in now. 🙂 This is a winner recipe!! Thanks again.

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