Unfried Zucchini Sticks Free PD Recipe

These are a great starter to any meal or to serve as an indulgent tasting snack that is nutrient dense and surprisingly good for you. You will be impressed at how easy they are to prepare.

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  1. So delicious! I had them with Creamy Ranch Dressing, but they have so much flavor a Dio isn’t necessary! I have a suggestion: Put only only 1/2 the bread crumb mixture in the bowl at a time. I only needed 1/2, and I had leftover bread crumbs clean and ready to freeze for another time.

  2. Its hot out, but the garden is producing zucchini like crazy. So I used my counter oven, that way I wouldn’t heat up the house.
    I used the corn flakes as the breading. These are so addicting. I used low shallow bowls for each of the steps, (flour, batter, coating), but for the coating I dropped it into the bowl and used a spoon to cover the zucchini and then pressed down a little. They are so GOOOD

  3. I can’t believe I hadn’t made these until tonight! They’re SO tasty! I didn’t have anything prepared to dip them in, but they didn’t need anything! I can’t wait until I can make these all the time in the summer with garden fresh zucchini.

    Just a note: I used 3 slices of ezekiel toast and had plenty of leftover crumbs.

  4. Awesome! Great snack or dinner food, especially with Julie’s Creamy Italian and/or Creamy Ranch dressings, we had both options. Crispy, tasty, filling. And a great way to use up our CSA share zucchini that is already starting to roll in. 🙂

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