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  • Chai Latte Premium PD Recipe Chai is a protective blend of black tea and warming, aromatic whole spices, cherished in India to preserve health and increase peace of mind. Best known for improving digestion, boosting the immune system, and reducing inflammation, as well as reducing stress from the pleasurable aroma-therapeutic brewing and soothing sipping ritual.
  • Flower Water Premium PD Recipe hibiscus teaThis gorgeous, ruby red, zero-calorie beverage tops the charts with antioxidant power leaving green tea in the dust. Hydrating and freshly tart, this elixir will protect your immune system with the unmatched, powerful defense of flower power. This is the signature beverage on a Protective Diet and is what everyone is sipping on. Fill you gym water bottle or serve it at dinner in a wine glass. The beautiful color will have everyone asking you how to make Flower Water.
  • Freshca Premium PD Recipe Freshca - © ProtectiveDiet.comGrapefruit soda pop started out south of the border and was packaged as Fresca, Goya Refresco, and Jarritos Toronja. Also known as ting in Jamaica and Squirt, 50/50 Soda or diet Freska in the US. Some brands were sweeter than others but always refreshing and crisp in flavor. This sugar-free recipe is designed to quench the thirst of those who loved the tang and fizz of this classic beverage, leaving you hydrated and refreshed.
  • Holiday Nog Premium PD Recipe Creamy plant-based and sugar-free winter-spiced healthy Holiday Nog is refreshing and indulgent-tasting, making the holiday season exciting and protective on a Protective Diet. Serve it in a chilled punch bowl at your holiday party, sip it straight out of the jar or top off a cup of black tea.
  • Hot Cup of Cacao Premium PD Recipe Hot Cup of Cacao - © ProtectiveDiet.comProtective Diet created a hot chocolaty winter treat to satisfy your chocolate fix, keep you on plan and reaching your goals. This rich, sweet and hot cup of warming childhood memories or Aspen ski trip fantasies will get you through the bitter winter.
  • Moscow Mule Premium PD Recipe Moscow Mule - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis warming wintertime cocktail was created in 1939. The Moscow Mule peaked in popularity in the 50s, died off in the 70s, and has made a strong comeback with trendy craft cocktails and specialty beverage glasses becoming hip again. This refreshing lime-infused spicy ginger sipper received a total PD sugar-free makeover to keep us current with all the rage of crafty beautiful beverages.
  • Mulled “Wine” Premium PD Recipe Mugs of hot ruby red cheer filled with fragrant warming aromatics are traditionally sipped to celebrate Christmas throughout the United Kingdom. In Germany, warm spiced wine is called Glug and enjoyed in the U.S. at German Christmas festivals, served in collectible ceramic mugs shaped like boots. If mulled wine is a traditional holiday beverage in your home or you are excited to serve a new one, this simmering alcohol free version will infuse your body with calorie free protective liquid antioxidants to boost your immune system and leave you hydrated and ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.
  • Oat Milk Free PD Recipe Oat Milk - © ProtectiveDiet.comMaking your own Oat Milk eliminates the additives and sugar found in packaged plant-based milks. It will save you money and trips to the market. It tastes just like oats and has a smooth and thick texture.
  • PD Cocktail Premium PD Recipe PD Cocktail - © ProtectiveDiet.comIf you're hosting a celebration and you'd like to serve your guests a special beverage, here it is. This beautiful refresher will keep you on plan during cocktail hour. Allow yourself the comfort of a beverage ritual that is hydrating, satisfying and special to fill the void of sweet cocktail mixers or a soda pop habit.
  • PD Latte Premium PD Recipe PD Latte - © ProtectiveDiet.comWhen we stop consuming coffee, our physical addiction to it passes within a day or two. The memory of the habit can be our biggest challenge. It will beckon us when we pass a shop and smell the intoxicating aroma of beans being ground or brewed. I encourage you to maintain this comforting ritual, but replace the coffee bean for this PD alternative that is full of roasted flavor. Eliminating coffee will even your mood, and will help you achieve your ideal body weight without the struggle from sugar cravings triggered by afternoon caffeine withdrawal.
  • Protective Pale Ale Premium PD Recipe How about a non-alcoholic calorie-free icy cold one? When choosing to eliminate alcohol from the diet I recommend treating yourself to the familiar ritual and replace the brew, wine or spirits with a healing, hydrating and health-promoting beverage. Celebrate with us and throw back a pint or two of antioxidant infused Protective Pale Ale. We will have you enjoying grilling season and summer parties with this celebratory ritual while leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and better than ever.
  • Protective Spiced Cider Premium PD Recipe Feel fantastic with a hot cup of Protective Spiced Cider! This comforting fall favorite will warm your pipes, sooth your throat, and perk you up with the power of proven immune protective plant ingredients. When I sip this sugar-free, all-natural, health promoting soother I get a euphoric feeling of total health mastery. Protective Diet’s winter recipes make every sip and bite an advantage while we enjoy the holiday season, sustaining a lifestyle to maintain our optimal health. Put this in your morning thermos to make a cold commute to work more comfortable. It’s a perfect warmer for the cheering section in the cold football stands. Bring a batch to a holiday party and tell everyone they will be healthier with every sip. Please comment below if this anti-inflammatory beverage made you feel amazing after sipping it. Let us know what your family, friends, coworkers and parents at the football game thought of Protective Spiced Cider.
  • Rice Milk Free PD Recipe Rice Milk - © ProtectiveDiet.comIf you have a high-speed blender and a ½ cup of raw rice, you are only a minute away from 3 beautiful white cups of clean, plant-based milk. Save yourself money, eliminate wasted packaging, and save trips to the store buying boxed plant-based milks which are often full of sugar, thickening agents and food additives.
  • Shamrock Shake Premium PD Recipe Shamrock Shake - © ProtectiveDiet.comIn March everyone is racing to the drive-thru to pick up a 16 oz, 660 calorie, sweet minty green creamy treat before the month ends. How about a 16 oz Protective Diet version for just 250 calories that you can enjoy all year round? This one is loaded with health promoting ingredients unlike the sugar and fat laden original cup of health sabotage.
  • Simple Syrup Premium PD Recipe Simple Syrup - © ProtectiveDiet.comSimple syrup is a liquid sugar used to sweeten beverages. Protective Diet has created a sugar-free simple syrup to sweeten up PD Strawberry Lemonade, make Summertime Sweet Tea a possibility and make PD holiday cocktail hour complete.
  • Skinny Frappe Premium PD Recipe Skinny Frappe Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comYou won’t miss the ritual of a summertime cold coffeehouse treat on a Protective Diet. The classic Mocha Frappe has been lightened up and offered to you with caloric and pocketbook savings. This refreshing icy chocolate beverage will cool you down and keep you light on your healthy feet this summer. A perfect option when mealtime is around the corner and you're in the mood for a cold treat that tastes great and is less filling than a Frosty.
  • Sparkle Tea Premium PD Recipe Eliminating diet soda pop from my routine was one of my biggest hurdles to healthy living. This beverage replaces the ritual of a special sparkling beverage without the acidic toxic slam to our system. Loaded with free radical fighting antioxidants and finished with beautiful bubbles, this is my favorite afternoon pick-me-up treat of refreshing protection.
  • Strawberry Lemonade Refresher Premium PD Recipe Strawberry Lemonade Refresher - © ProtectiveDiet.comSip on this Protective Diet sugar-free Strawberry Lemonade to cool off and rehydrate this summer. This blended up beverage is made of pure antioxidant rich ingredients and nothing else. Perfect to serve at a party or bottle up and treat yourself right at the gym.
  • Sweet Tea Premium PD Recipe Sweet Tea 3 - © ProtectiveDiet.comDrinking sweet tea is one of the oldest, most beloved Southern year-round daily traditions. It is brewed strong, heavily sweetened and served over a mountain of ice. It is known as the house wine of the south. Asking a Southerner to give up their sweet tea can put the brakes on their willingness to adopt a sugar-free Protective Diet. I understand there is much more to this beverage than just being sweet and refreshing. It is tradition and part of their mealtime ritual. This Sweet Tea recipe is the perfect beverage replacement solution for many getting started on the 30-Day Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram.
  • Tuber Tonic Premium PD Recipe Enjoy this warming elixir ritual designed to hydrate and protect your body. Tuber Tonic is my spicy protective wake-up call, no matter what the season. Served as a hot soothing sipper in the winter and a refreshing cold spritzer over ice in the summer. I also enjoy it as a between meal pick-me-up. Infusing all the cells in my body with this protective beverage makes me feel powerfully proactive with each sip. We are the boss of our body and can make every bite and beverage protective for our well being, the animals and our planet with a Protective Diet.
  • Wicked Hot Chocolate Premium PD Recipe This hot and spicy satisfying sipper is my favorite winter weekend warmup beverage. The original Wicked Hot Chocolate was created by chocolatier Jacques Torres and enjoyed as a rich morning beverage. I incorporated all the protective ingredients he included and replaced a few to make it a plant-based, sugar-free, low-calorie masterpiece. The Protective Diet version is balanced with spice excitement and full body sipping satisfaction. Capsaicin is the warming heat found in the chili pepper. It is known to improve blood flow and even increase metabolism, making it a health promoting way to warm up. Move over whiskey, we have a safe high-energy exciting sip-able way to warm up and enjoy without a care while driving through snow storms.

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