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  • All Purpose Cleaning Spray Premium PD Recipe Clean up your cleaning products and effectively kill 99% of bacteria using cost-cutting, non-toxic, food-safe ingredients, transforming your home into a protective safe zone. Chemical cleaning products damage the foundation of our immune system. This single cellular protective wall known as the endothelium protects us from disease and is broken down from toxins in the air, on skin and within food. Exposure to chemicals causes our liver to work overtime filtering our system. Chemical exposure can cause a rise in liver counts eliminating these avoidable toxins out of the body. Save money, improve your home air quality, and reduce package waste while protecting your health, animal welfare and our environment with Protective Diet homemade non-toxic All Purpose Cleaning Spray.
  • Betterment Mouthwash Premium PD Recipe This DIY all-natural aromatherapy bath for your pie-hole will lift your spirit with freshness and be more effective in eliminating garlic dressing breath than commercial mouthwash. For pennies, a swoosh, and moments to mix, you will never coat your mouth with chemicals or experience the dryness of alcohol-based washes again. Alcohol dehydrates the mouth, increasing bad breath and creating mouthwash dependence. This recipe was created for global betterment. Everything we put in or on our body or down the drain affects our ecosystem. With this recipe, we are eliminating toxic chemicals from damaging our immune system and contaminating our waterways. Together we are making a difference, offering protection to humans, animals, and our planet.
  • Breath Fresh Spray Premium PD Recipe Pocket sized organic chemical-free breath spray will lift your spirits while it freshens your breath. Enjoy protective garlic and onions without offending others. This handy way to camouflage your love of French Onion Dip will do the trick.
  • Daily Facial Polish Premium PD Recipe The number one secret to glowing healthy skin is a Protective Diet rich with free radical fighting anti-aging protective fruit and veg. Just look at those youthful glowing PD after photos! The second secret provides an immediate visible and textural improvement with this all-natural quick and easy facial exfoliating treatment. Polish away dead and dull looking skin cells that clog pores and promote breakouts. Start every day with this fresh healthy facial routine.
  • Lucky Dog Food Free PD Recipe Homemade dog food is a serious commitment to begin, but it can provide your four-legged bestie with a great health advantage. This recipe was formulated using whole food plant-based ingredients, carefully selected to provide my dog Lucky with the ideal diet to live a high-energy active lifestyle while offering protection to all animals and our planet.
  • Lucky Dog Treats Premium PD Recipe The perfect whole food plant-based nourishing training reward to keep your dog fit, lean and the luckiest dog on the block with the Protective Diet Advantage. Recovery post run is improved with increased oxygen flow to the muscles. A diet low in fat and free of oils maximizes blood flow, improving recovery time in athletes - human or canine. These treats have been dog park tested and have had Lucky's pickiest of friends sitting pretty for Lucky Dog Treats. These crispy organic biscuits are delicious, so keep your paws off of them unless your pup is willing to share. These are perfect portable long walk energy treats for both you and your best friend.
  • Natural Laundry Detergent Premium PD Recipe PD DertergentThis effective easy-make natural laundry detergent will cut household costs dramatically and eliminate the chemical bath your clothes are currently taking. Commercial detergents and fabric softeners pollute our waterways and the air we breathe, and absorb into our system through our skin. This can break down the foundation of our immune system and irritate our skin and respiratory system. Protective Diet Natural Laundry Detergent will leave your blender pitcher sparkling clean and your laundry soft and beautifully clean. Choose fresh unscented or a light kiss of essential oils for just pennies per naturally clean load, offering protection for humans, animals and our planet.
  • Natural Tooth Whitening Treatment Toss the toxic, gross-tasting strips and expensive bleaching trays for an all-natural faster PD way to polish and whiten. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter and smoother with just one treatment. I've been asked who my dentist is because of my pearly whites; then I tell them about my little gem of an instant polishing trick. No routine to commit to, just polish them as needed. Give yourself a little love and attention with natural tooth polishing during your Protective Diet 30 Day Detox & Taste Bud Reprogram.
  • Protective Gum Premium PD Recipe This ancient organic gum has been chewed for centuries and treated like gold for its medicinal healing properties. Each piece contains protective all-natural antibacterial and anti-viral phytochemicals to refresh your mouth and offer your body a protective boost. Also known for anti-inflammatory and anti-neoplastic properties. The oleo gum resin is produced to protect and heal the boswellia tree when it is cut or damaged. Plants produce protective phytochemicals to aid in their survival when they are injured by predators. We can use those same protective chemicals to protect and heal the human body. Chew a piece during meal prep to keep your mouth occupied, eliminating mindless nibbles to improve meal time satisfaction and progress with your Mindful Eating practice.
  • Super Natural Whitening Toothpaste Premium PD Recipe This oil-free recipe is supernatural because it doesn’t contain carcinogenic ingredients found in commercial natural toothpaste. Dramatically cut the cost of oral hygiene, improve product performance and eliminate the chemical mouth bath. Every time you brush your teeth you will feel like you outsmarted “them” with another high-performance low-cost DIY Protective Diet Lifestyle product in your healthy home. Lifestyle recipes are created to promote holistic living, cut costs, eliminate package waste and save you time searching for natural non-toxic high-performance products. Take a look at your current toothpaste and comment in the blog below how many chemicals you cut out of your daily routine with this supernatural PD recipe.

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