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  • American Potato Salad Premium PD Recipe This potato salad was inspired in my early childhood watching Justin Wilson's Southern cooking show on PBS. He gave many Northerners a peek into the delicious flavors and indulgent ingredients that made up the South. I adored his big stainless mixing bowls tossing up mayonnaise-heavy salads spiked with the thrill of cayenne pepper. He finished every dish excitedly with a shout of “ewhheeeeee!” Spicy food was not part of my childhood experience; he made it seem so fun and exciting. I am as thrilled as he was to bring this delicious creamy Southern American classic to the Protective Diet Community with adjustments to promote our health and satisfy our love of delicious down home comfort food.
  • Annatto Rice Premium PD Recipe Annato Rice - © ProtectiveDiet.comAnnatto is a popular spice used in Central and South America. It complements dishes with its beautiful rich deep orange color, mild flavor and protective carotenoids specifically called Bixins. These powerful antioxidants protect eyes from cataracts and blindness, defending the body from free radicals. This spice is also commonly used by natural cosmetic companies. I used it to add body and richness to this Caribbean and South American inspired rice dish that is complete with stovetop or pressure-cooking instructions. Enjoy it as a main dish or serve it on the side with Protective Diet Chorizo Tacos.
  • Beans and Rice Premium PD Recipe Rice and Beans Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis recipe is designed for ease in preparation of the energy-packed starch component of a Protective Diet 50/50 Burrito Bowl. Serve it as a no-fuss side dish to complement Garlic Greens, Fajitas or Beef-less Tacos. This recipe comes together using PD Pantry staples along with tips to dress it up on the days you have a couple extra minutes and want to get creative. This is a perfect starter recipe for a beginner in the kitchen, as well as a perfect staple recipe for anyone just getting started on a plant-based diet.
  • Beef-less Taco Filling Premium PD Recipe Beefless Tacos - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis hearty taco filling tastes like you used a store bought seasoning packet, but it’s free of MSG, additives and sugar. Let your pressure cooker or slow cooker do the work, while you chop a few toppings, blend some salsa and warm up corn tortillas for an easy week night taco party.
  • Black Bean Chili Premium PD Recipe Black Bean Chili - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis budget and time-saving recipe made with dried black beans is easy to toss together. Prepare it slow cooker-style without your supervision, or enjoy the pressure cooker option which will have this filling chili ready for serving in under an hour. This chili is hearty, thick and filled with flavors of the southwest. It is complete with options to keep it flavorful and mild or spicy and exciting.
  • Carrot Cake with Cream Cheeze Frosting Premium PD Recipe Pressure cooked plant-based Carrot Cake, spiced with protective ingredients and topped with dreamy Protective Diet Sugar-Free Cream Cheeze Frosting, is perfect for a springtime celebration or a hot summer holiday. This recipe is complete with an oven baked, gluten-free option for individual mini frosted carrot cakes.
  • Cheater Baked Potatoes Premium PD Recipe Cheater Baked Potatoes - © ProtectiveDiet.comI grew up before microwaves in a time when baked potatoes were slow baked in the oven. My mother's potatoes were fluffy inside with a crispy outer skin achieved with a coating of artery clogging Crisco. I want to bring back this simple childhood favorite, but give it a modern shortcut that eliminates the wasted energy of oven baking for an hour or more. The microwave is not part of my practice and will not produce crispy skinned potatoes. This recipe is oil-free and produces a beautiful crispy baked or grilled potato in about 30 minutes, using only 15 minutes of hot oven or grill time. This is a solution to keep your house cool and energy use low.
  • Pressure Cooked Cheeze Cake PD Premium Recipe This textually divine dairy-free cheesecake with notes of lemon and a kiss of vanilla is a protective treat on a plant-based diet. This sugar- and nut-free easy-prep recipe will keep the heat and you out of the kitchen, making the best use of your electric pressure cooker this summer. It’s assembled with just a handful of protective ingredients to keep you and your family celebrating optimal health together.
  • Chickenless Noodle Soup Premium PD Recipe Chicken less noodle soup - © ProtectiveDiet.comHow about a nice big pot of the most comforting soup known to man? This stove top or pressure cooker version will get you well soon and keep you well. The homemade aroma of this easy one pot soup will fill your home and comfort you with every spoon full. This recipe might have you playing sick tomorrow, so you can stay home and simmer up a pot of delicious comfort.
  • Chili Mac Premium PD Recipe chili-mac 2 - © ProtectiveDiet.comI call my electric pressure cooker the "Life Changer. Chili Mac is an easy-to-follow recipe perfect after a busy day. You know - those days you can't bear the thought of cooking, let alone washing more than one pan. This one-pot wonder combines the protective and delicious ingredients of southwestern chili, balanced with the starch energy of whole grain macaroni. Calling all new chefs and junior chefs who can roughly chop an onion, open a can and set a timer! This recipe was created with you in mind. Actually, it was created with all the PD superstar chefs in mind as well. We could all use a day off. This is the perfect recipe to ask the non-cook in the household to prepare for you. With only one pot to wash up, they might become inspired to participate more in your workplace for wellness.
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Cake Premium PD Recipe With this one-pot health-promoting sugar-free fat-free Valentine’s Day themed cake recipe, I am happy to treat my sweetie and me any day of the week and all year long. It’s easily assembled in minutes using protective plant-based pantry and freezer staples. Do not be intimidated by its jaw-dropping appearance. I am directing Instant Pot enthusiasts to utilize their one-pot energy-saving electric tool for quick-prep show-stopping desserts. This cake presents like you made massive culinary efforts in the kitchen, so don’t tell your valentine how simple it was to not bake unless they are offering to make it for you.
  • Chocolate Cream Pudding Premium PD Recipe Enjoy a high-energy, high-fiber, hearty serving of Protective Diet Chocolate Cream Pudding for breakfast, or pack a daily pudding cup treat in your lunch bag. You'll have your coworkers thinking a Protective Diet is just too good to be true. Thank goodness you know it is both good and true. They may not be saying anything yet, but they are noticing as you waltz past the old vending machine, glowing and slimmer than ever with daily chocolicious satisfaction.
  • Chorizo Hash Premium PD Recipe Chorizo Hash - © ProtectiveDiet.comLeftover Protective Diet Chorizo Tacos can become a gourmet Mexican Breakfast. When you have overnight guests or a special weekend breakfast to serve, this is a perfect go-to recipe. Stash away a ½ cup of flavorful PD plant-based Chorizo in your freezer for a Sunday Brunch you will never forget. This recipe is complete with a quick-cook pressure-cooking step, or choose the stovetop option to have this hot and hearty energy packed breakfast on your most requested recipe list.
  • Cilantro Lime Rice Premium PD Recipe Layer this oil-free quick-prep and seasoned perfectly cooked brown rice into a plant-based burrito, lunchtime Taco Salad, or enjoy as a savory side dish with Protective Diet Chorizo Tacos, Pintos & Cheeze or Fajitas
  • Perfectly Cooked Brown Rice Premium PD Recipe Brown Rice - © ProtectiveDiet.comAt last you are going to learn to cook brown rice perfectly. Forget those over priced and over cooked anti-environmental plastic boil in the bags; toss out the horrible directions on the boxes. Follow my simple stove top directions or pressure cooking instructions and perfectly cooked brown rice will be a staple on your table.
  • Cream of Broccoli Soup Premium PD Recipe Cream of Broccoli Soup - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis deceivingly indulgent, rich-tasting cream of broccoli soup is a perfect wintertime meal to keep you slim and slipping into your ski pants with room for extra layers. Enjoy the easy recipe with preparation options for the stove top or the pressure cooker. When spring arrives and asparagus is abundant, make an even swap for the broccoli and enjoy the season’s bounty.
  • Creamy Mustard & Herb Potato Salad Premium PD Recipe Creamy Mustard & Herb Potato SaladCreamy Mustard & Herb Potato Salad - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis is a summertime party favorite for all. It has the creamy texture of traditional potato salad without the fat and heavy calories. Perfect to serve to everyone; just don't tell them it’s healthy. They will never suspect it, unless they know you made it. I have secretly snuck this dish onto the buffet at many parties, watching unsuspecting people devour second helpings. They were clueless that it was vegan, let alone oil-free and healthy. The best part is telling them later, but be prepared, because everyone will ask you for the recipe.
  • Cuban Black Bean Soup Premium PD Recipe Cuban Black Bean Soup - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis is a perfect go-to, one-pot, grain included, quick-prep recipe that only takes 15 minutes to toss together. Morning set-it-and-forget-it recipes make Protective Diet dinners easy and delicious using a slow cooker, or set the time delay on your electric pressure cooker. Take full advantage of this life changing time saving pressure-cooking feature. Set it to switch on as you are leaving the office, church or gym. Arrive home to a healthy, hot and hearty flavorful pot of Cuban Black Bean Soup tonight.
  • Dill Rice Premium PD Recipe This Persian style rice is one of my favorite dishes alongside Protective Diet Falafel, Hummus, Fattoush Salad or Tabouli Salad. I enjoyed it regularly at Reza’s in Chicago. This was my favorite Persian restaurant before going oil-free and vegan. After talking with the owner and chef, I realized this herbal rice was far from what it seemed. No wonder I craved it. It was loaded with butter and oil. My special remake has all the protective and flavorful components, minus the saturated fat and empty calories. Pair this dish along with some of the suggested Middle Eastern classics and serve up a Protective Diet feast fit for Persian royals.
  • Enchilada Soup Premium PD Recipe Enchilada Soup - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis rich and hearty soup is filled with traditional Mexican enchilada ingredients. It has the simplicity and ease of a soup with the big flavors of dried toasted chilies. If you haven’t worked with dried chilies, I’m excited for you to experience the flavors they add to this soup.
  • Farro and Kale Soup Premium PD Recipe This classic, colorful, hearty Italian soup loaded with health-promoting high-energy whole grains and protective white beans with greens was just waiting for a Protective Diet makeover. I removed all the negative ingredients and doubled up on the good, creating an unforgettable one-pot meal beautiful enough to serve to guests. Farro and Kale Soup is a quick prep fall or winter meal, complete with recipe directions to maximize cancer fighting Sulforaphane protection and a gluten free option.
  • Favorite Fries Premium PD Recipe Skip the air fryer for a big party tray of perfectly cooked hand-cut skinny, crinkle cut or steak fries. This cooking technique delivers healthy golden fries that are moist and tender on the inside. Hand-cut oil-free fries are the perfect low-cal high-energy vessel for any of the Protective Diet sauces, dips, salsas, gravies or chili and cheeze. Top them Animal Style for a West Coast comfort food favorite.
  • Frittata Premium PD Recipe Our plant-based veggie-filled pressure cooked Frittata will protect humans, animals and our planet while making you feel like a gourmet chef. This easy-prep, set-it-and-forget-it cooking technique guarantees perfectly cooked veggies encased in a fluffy Egg-less Omelet. Move over, tofu scramble! Protective Diet’s vegan Frittata looks and tastes exactly like the real deal to please egg loving brunch guests.
  • German Potato Salad Premium PD Recipe German Potato Salad - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis warm potato salad was a specialty of my mother’s. It may have been the bacon rich recipe that started the onset of our heart disease. Now we are both celebrating our health, clear of blockages and our artery walls are smooth thanks to the daily practice of a Protective Diet. I owe the remake of this comfort food favorite to my mother who exposed me to the original flavor profiles and my brother who requested it every chance he had. The flavors and fragrance of the vinegar and onions take me back to childhood when health wasn't a thought and bacon wasn't associated with destruction.
  • Good ol’ Minestrone Soup Premium PD Recipe Ministrone - © ProtectiveDiet.comMinestrone in Italian means a big soup. A big pot of soup is perfect for stocking up your fridge and freezer with ready to go meals. It’s a great way to get kids to eat veggies. Start with the base of the soup as your guide, and then use the suggested veggies or whatever you have on hand to turn out one of the best Italian style veggie bean soups created.
  • Grilled Steak Fries Premium PD Recipe Grilled Steak Fries - © ProtectiveDiet.comI've had the pleasure of using a steam oven during in-home cooking lessons. These are the latest and greatest appliances in gourmet high-end kitchens. After spending time playing with steam ovens, I'd dream of how wonderful it would be to have one. Then I realized I already do, and so do the majority of my students! I raced into the test kitchen and perfected this amazing time-saving technique to make golden grilled steak fries with just 5 minutes of grill time and the assistance of steam. This recipe is perfect for hot summer days when you want to keep your kitchen cool, spend some time outside, save energy and enjoy crispy potatoes. Blend up some PD Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce for dipping or shortcut the Buffalo Potato Wedges recipe with this awesomely simple, time and energy saving technique.
  • Hoppin’ John Premium PD Recipe Hoppin Jon Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis classic dish from the Carolinas is enjoyed year round, but traditionally served and celebrated throughout the South on New Year's Day as part of a feast to grant everyone a prosperous New Year. Prosperity is symbolized across this classic Southern plate with black-eyed peas to represent coins, collard greens to symbolize American currency, and cornbread is golden like bars of gold. This year I am introducing health to this classic plate of American history. I have eliminated all the fat and highlighted the delicious rich flavors of the South with this quick-prep pressure cooking or stovetop recipe. Protective Diet makes it possible to enjoy special holiday meals and our prosperous New Year ahead in the best of health.
  • Indian Spice Rice Premium PD Recipe Expand your palate with the addition of powerfully protective, antioxidant rich aromatic spices in their beautiful whole form. Most spices used ground in North American desserts are used in their whole pod or seed form in savory exotic dishes from India to Vietnam. Indian Spice Rice incorporates the essence of whole cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon bark and beautiful black mustard seeds to immediately transport you and your family to the kitchens of India, transforming simple rice into a masterpiece flavored with exotic protection.
  • Julie’s Baby Jack Ribs Premium PD Recipe Julie’s Baby Jack Ribs with sugar-free Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, complete with cinnamon bones, are a gluten-free easy-prep recipe promoting finger licking vegan fun in your kitchen. Slow roast on the grill, or enjoy oven-baked ribs in the winter months, filling your home with the mouthwatering smell of BBQ all year round. A top rated “I can’t believe this is healthy” Super Bowl halftime snack or a perfect handheld starter at your garden party. Delicious hot off the grill, straight out of the oven, room temperature, or cold on a picnic, this is what Protective Diet is all about. Cruelty-free comfort food offering protection and optimal health with every delicious bite.
  • Kids’ Spaghetti PD Premium Recipe My pantry is always stocked with the three main ingredients to make Kids’ Spaghetti. This kid-approved, fast-to-the-table, pressure-cooked, one-pot mildly seasoned pasta dish isn’t just for kids. It is my personal go-to recipe when I’m in need of a simple, homey, effortless, instant and protective noodle bowl. Take your pick of pasta shapes, but for me, it is broken up spaghetti that takes me back to my childhood. I quickly assembled lunch with the assistance of my niece and nephews and not a noodle was left behind. We played all afternoon at the beach and they asked for Kids’ Spaghetti again for dinner. They selected the noodle shape, measured the cooking water and I assembled the quick mix sauce. Spice Sauce was on the table to add an optional new twist. Harley (10), Johnny (8) and Tony (7) joined us in spicing up this easy prep meal, served with handheld asparagus spears, along with chopped salad tossed with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and a side of sliced peaches.
  • Lentil & Rice One-Pot Premium PD Recipe Lentil & Rice One-Pot - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis quick-prep one-pot stick-to-your-ribs recipe is designed to offer your body protection and starch energy, satisfying the entire family with comforting familiar warm flavors. It’s complete with stovetop and pressure cooking options, along with pick your liquid ingredient choices of whole or diced canned tomatoes, or a budget friendly tomato paste option to help you save for your next size down when BCS (Baggy Clothes Syndrome) hits hard and you've been accused of wearing clown pants to work. We must all have time for activities and fun, so we’ve created this set-it-and-forget-it pressure cooker recipe to offer it all. Stock your pantry with PD staples, fill your herb box, and you will have a new weekly go-to recipe that takes just minutes to assemble in the morning to set up on time delay, or to start just in time for dinner.
  • Lentil Stew Free PD Recipe Lentil Stew - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis hearty lentil recipe was created for the electric pressure cooker. It's a nutrient dense one-pot time-saver with smoky warm flavors from cumin seeds and smoked paprika. Prep this stew in the morning, set the time delay, and arrive home to a memorable home-cooked stick to your ribs plant-based meal.
  • Lucky Dog Food Free PD Recipe Homemade dog food is a serious commitment to begin, but it can provide your four-legged bestie with a great health advantage. This recipe was formulated using whole food plant-based ingredients, carefully selected to provide my dog Lucky with the ideal diet to live a high-energy active lifestyle while offering protection to all animals and our planet.
  • Mediterranean Lemon & Rice Soup Premium PD Recipe Avgolemono soup is a classic in Greek restaurants. It’s traditionally made with chicken broth, whipped egg whites, long-grain rice, lemon and lots of salt. Protective Diet’s plant-based, pressure-cooked health-promoting remake is sure to satisfy. Serve with a basket of Pretzel Rolls and be mentally transported to your favorite Greek diner while maintaining a successful practice of a Protective Diet.
  • Mushroom Soup Premium PD Recipe Mushroom Soup - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis hearty and thick mushroom soup is a stick to your ribs meal in itself. Its beautiful golden color with flecks of fresh green parsley make this soup look like a masterpiece. Don’t tell anyone it was fast, easy and inexpensive to put together they would never suspect.
  • No-Bake Pineapple Upside Down Cake Premium PD Recipe Protective Diet has created the next evolution of the most popular cake in American history. It was originally made in the post-war kitchen of the 1920s as a cast iron skillet cake, incorporating the popularity of then-exotic canned pineapple. In the ‘30s it became the most frequently made comfort food cake in American kitchens, found at every bake sale, potluck, church social and home holiday celebration. The addition of red and green dyed cherries made it a Christmas specialty. The name skillet cake disappeared when standardized bakeware purchases became popular with round and square cake pans. With the common use of boxed yellow cake mix, the Pineapple Upside Down Cake became a pop icon in the 1950s and ‘60s. By the 1970s it became known as an out of style dessert, but with retro culture keeping classics alive, April 20th became National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day. In the modern time of 2019 we are focused on heart-healthy, disease-reversing, anti-aging, cancer protective, sugar-free sustainable plant-based recipes that use the energy efficient set-it-and-forget-it electric pressure cooker of the progressive vegan kitchen, renamed The PD Workplace for Wellness. I had to remake this classic recipe to advance the history of America’s most popular cake, to protect future generations’ health, the animals and our planet.
  • Not So Fat So Mashed Potatoes Free PD Recipe Mashed Potatoes - © ProtectiveDiet.comThese creamy, mashed spuds served with Mushroom Gravy will fill you up and slim you down. Not So Fat So Mashed Potatoes are packed with fiber, protein and vitamin C so why wait for the holidays. Enjoy them weekly a la carte, or with a PD Holiday Loaf and steamed veggies. Your family will be asking what the occasion is. Keep the simplicity of this recipe to yourself and enjoy cooking options using the slow cooker, pressure cooker or stove top.
  • Onion & Herb Smashed Potatoes Premium PD Recipe Onion Herb Smashed Potatoes - © ProtectiveDiet.comDon’t bother making gravy for these bold mashed potatoes; they are awesome on their own. Use the slow cooker recipe shortcut and have these on the table in ten minutes. Creamy and loaded with flavor, your kids will be begging for PD Onion & Herb Smashed Potatoes.
  • Pasta with Garlic and Preserved Lemons Premium PD Recipe This quick-prep no-cook toss-it-on sauce is loaded with DNA protection with bright and bold gourmet flavors. Armed with the Pressure Cooked Pasta recipe, Pasta with Garlic and Preserved Lemons will become a favorite go-to gourmet meal in minutes. If you haven’t made Preserved Lemons yet, this recipe is a good reason to make a batch.
  • Patatas Bravas Premium PD Recipe Patatas Bravas Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis popular dish is famous in Spain's Tapas Bars. Tapas is a style of small bites of food served to encourage sharing, conversation and socialization. It is often served with tiny picks and little plates. It was designed as a small pre-dinner meal and was designed to be shared. In Spain, dinner is typically served late in the evening, and the Tapas bars offer time to unwind and snack after work. I've given this traditional bite-sized crispy fried potato dish covered in spicy Spanish tomato sauce and garlic mayo a full sized oil-free makeover. This flavorful potato dish will please anyone that enjoys sharing a snack or is in need of a new idea for the perfect starch component to a PD 50/50 Balanced Plate.
  • Perfectly Cooked Quinoa Premium PD Recipe Quinoa3 - © ProtectiveDiet.comI enjoy quinoa regularly since perfecting how to properly and quickly cook these tiny but hearty little seeds. Quinoa is often labeled a whole grain because it is cooked like one and marketed as an "Ancient Grain." It is actually a seed of the Goosefoot plant containing high nutritive value and gluten-free starch energy. Whether you choose to use the easy stovetop or quick pressure-cooking method, you will be pleased with Perfectly Cooked Quinoa. Toss with fresh herbs as a hot or cold stand alone side dish, serve in place of rice with PD Busy Day Chili or layered in Protective Diet's Cruciferous Casserole. Quinoa adds starch-based variety to your plate.
  • Pintos & Cheeze Premium PD Recipe A popular fast food taco place put this creamy cup of beans topped with flavorful Taco Sauce, melted yellow cheese, and enjoyed with a fun to use “spork,” on my favorite lunch options list during high school. I traded in the spoon-like fork for a crunchy edible utensil. Baked Tortilla Chips scoop up this flavorful remake perfectly for an after school snack or main dish, dinner served with fresh shredded romaine and all the toppings.
  • Potato Corn Chowder Premium PD Recipe Potato Corn Chowder - © ProtectiveDiet.comThick and rich chowder with the sweetness of corn and heartiness of potatoes is easily prepared in a pressure cooker, slow cooker or on the stove top. There’s nothing better than a quick and easy one pot meal that tastes like you labored over the stove all day.
  • Pressure Cooked Chocolate Cake PD Premium Recipe This sugar-free cake recipe was designed for the health-focused chocolate cake lover who is in need of a perfectly cooked fuss-free fix. It’s outstanding for the Instant Pot obsessed or on summer days when the hot oven is not an option. Cake nuked in a mug never did it for me, so I had to find a way to make a cake small enough for personal cake emergencies. This small single layer cake will satisfy you and three of your favorite people, but it was created for solo chocolate cake lovers to nosh on twice without committing to a baking project producing a week's worth of cake.
  • Pressure Cooked Pasta Premium PD Recipe Just when you thought dinner prep couldn’t get easier, you are given this recipe to eliminate the overcooked, boil over mess, give it a stir, turn it down, watch the pot, check the texture, lift and drain pasta cooking task. This recipe is perfect to assist if you are new to cooking or can’t confidently manage draining a heavy pot of boiling water. This is my preferred pasta cooking method. The reduced amount of water used in this recipe allows for clean filtered water to be used. Your favorite sauce will surround and stick to each individual starch coated perfectly cooked hot noodle, offering a more appealing texture than when pasta is drained and tossed. The ease of this electric pressure cooker strainer-free pasta cook-and-sauce toss technique will have you calling “dinner’s ready” in under 15 minutes.
  • Pressure Cooker Pasta Dinner Premium PD Recipe Pressure Cooker Pasta Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis is a pressure cooking one pot dream come true. Your Protective Diet Pantry will have all the ingredients needed to simply toss together this easier-than-easy dinner that tastes oven-baked and smells divine. Add this simple recipe to your weeknight meal rotation and enjoy smiles from satisfied diners all around the table.
  • Pressure Cooking Vegetables Guide Premium PD Recipe Enjoying steamed veggies plain or with your favorite Protective Diet dip, dressing or sauce is a fantastic way to bump up your daily veg intake. Steaming your precious produce without turning it to mush it can be challenging when using a time saving pressure cooker. Most are in disbelief when I share that it takes less than one minute to steam green beans, when cooking them tender on the stove top can take up to 30. Use this pressure cooker steaming guide to make preparing veggie protection fast, easy and delicious.
  • Protective Spiced Cider Premium PD Recipe Feel fantastic with a hot cup of Protective Spiced Cider! This comforting fall favorite will warm your pipes, sooth your throat, and perk you up with the power of proven immune protective plant ingredients. When I sip this sugar-free, all-natural, health promoting soother I get a euphoric feeling of total health mastery. Protective Diet’s winter recipes make every sip and bite an advantage while we enjoy the holiday season, sustaining a lifestyle to maintain our optimal health. Put this in your morning thermos to make a cold commute to work more comfortable. It’s a perfect warmer for the cheering section in the cold football stands. Bring a batch to a holiday party and tell everyone they will be healthier with every sip. Please comment below if this anti-inflammatory beverage made you feel amazing after sipping it. Let us know what your family, friends, coworkers and parents at the football game thought of Protective Spiced Cider.
  • Puerto Rican Rice with Pigeon Peas – Arroz con Gandules Premium PD Recipe Puerto Rican Rice and Peas - © ProtectiveDiet.comPuerto Rican rice with peas is made using homemade sofrito and a famous seasoning packet found in every Puerto Rican kitchen called Sazon. This traditional rice dish consists of nutritious and delicious whole plant-based ingredients. I've kept all the flavors including homemade sofrito, stepped up the fiber and nutrient value with brown rice, and eliminated the seasoning packet loaded with craving inducing food additives and excessive sodium. I invite you to take a Protective Diet style culinary trip to Puerto Rico with Arroz con Gandules.
  • Pumpkin Cheeze Cake Premium PD Recipe A fall favorite easy-prep dessert, satisfying the urge to pumpkin spice everything, while honoring your one and only body on a Protective Diet throughout the holiday season. Texturally divine dairy-free Pumpkin Cheesecake is a protective treat on a plant-based diet. This sugar- and nut-free recipe will make the best use of your electric pressure cooker the day before Halloween or Thanksgiving. It’s assembled with just a handful of protective ingredients to keep you and your family on track celebrating optimal health together.
  • Quickie Cream of Veggie Soup Premium PD Recipe Serve family style as a savory meal starter, or enjoy as a main dish for two with starch energy add-ins. I’ve been filling up on this soup daily, easily increasing my consumption of protective, detoxifying Sulforaphane-producing cruciferous vegetables. With this go-to recipe I personally eliminated produce waste, as I was drawn to use every vegetable I had in my refrigerator. The use of this recipe, complete with stovetop or pressure cooking directions, extends the time between my fresh restock shopping days, saving me time and money on a plant-based diet.
  • Quinoa & Preserved Lemon Salad Premium PD Recipe Perfect oil-free picnic salad, or pack into daily lunch box servings for plant-based freshness that will turn heads in the cafeteria. Bursting with the bright flavors of a Protective Diet that will gather the party around your beautifully presented rainbow of edible color. You’ll feel like a plant-based Foodie extraordinaire when they ask for the recipe and you share how lemon peels protect our DNA from the free radicals of the sun. Move over, delicious Black Bean and Corn Summer Salad. Protective Diet has added this summer’s 50/50 party friendly salad. Serve alone or surround with fun self-serve lettuce cups.
  • Smash Browns Premium PD Recipe Hot handheld potato breakfast patties can be custom seasoned or topped with your favorite Protective Diet topping, sauce, salsa or dressing. Enjoy them savory or sweet with Chia Seed Jam and PD Greek Yogurt. These hash brown patties can be paired up and used as gluten free sandwich buns, as a dipper in soup, or a scoop for Busy Day Chili.
  • Spanish Rice Premium PD Recipe Spanish Rice - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis traditional Mexican rice is perfectly prepared using my easy stove top method or a presser cooker. Server this heart healthy oil free version as a side dish with Beef-less tacos at your next fiesta.
  • Speedy Steak Fries Premium PD Recipe Speedy Steak Fries Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comI've had the pleasure of using a steam oven during in-home cooking lessons. These are the latest and greatest appliances in gourmet high-end kitchens. After spending time playing with steam ovens I’d dream of how wonderful it would be to have one. Then I realized I already do, and so do the majority of my students! I raced into the test kitchen and perfected this amazing time-saving technique to make golden steak fries with just 20 minutes of baking time and the assistance of steam. This recipe is perfect for hot summer days when you want to shortcut running your oven, save energy and enjoy crispy potatoes. Blend up some PD Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce for dipping or shortcut your Buffalo Potato Wedges with this awesomely simple, time and energy saving technique.
  • Split Pea Soup Free PD Recipe Split Pea Soup - © ProtectiveDiet.comThis recipe was created for all day simmering soup flavor. I nicknamed my electric pressure cooker "The Life Changer.” With this recipe and my Life Changer, I can prepare this soup in 15 minutes and have it on the table within the hour. If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, set it up using the time delay or prepare it in a slow cooker. You will be welcomed home with a thick-as-fog style bowl of old fashioned split pea soup.
  • Sticky Brown Sushi Rice Premium PD Recipe Sticky white rice is traditionally used to make Japanese sushi or Korean Gimbop rolls. A Protective Diet offers innovative recipe guidance with nutritional advantages, encouraging you to take a culinary trip around the world to improve your health with every bite. Sticky Brown Sushi Rice will make you feel like a plant-based veggie sushi roll master.
  • Summertime Slow Cooker BBQ Beans Premium PD Recipe Summertime Slow Cooker BBQ Beans Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comThese aren't ordinary open the can and warm um up style baked beans. They have gourmet Foodie appeal along with traditional flavors. Make them for an exciting addition to a summertime BBQ. This easy prep, set-it and forget-it recipe is perfect for hot days when turning on the oven isn't an option and you'd much rather be outside playing grill master than indoors checking on a side dish.
  • Sweet & Sour Cabbage Premium PD Recipe Rotkohl, or German style braised red cabbage, is a delicious way to enjoy Fall’s powerfully protective harvest. Fill your plate with this easy prep and quick cook version of the traditional German side dish balanced with hearty homemade Spaetzle dressed in PD Butter Sauce. Serve cold leftovers along with PD Soft Pretzels dipped in yellow mustard and washed down with an ice cold PD Pale Ale in celebration of Oktoberfest.
  • Tamales Premium PD Recipe Tamale Featured Image - © ProtectiveDiet.comI have simplified the technique, eliminated the pork lard, and reduced the cook time using a pressure cooker to allow you to have ten perfectly cooked hot tamales on the table within the hour. The tamal traces back to the Ancient Maya People who prepared them for feasts and used them as portable food to support their armies when traveling. Traditionally they are made of starchy corn-based dough filled with vegetables, chiles, fruit, meat or cheese and wrapped in a leaf and steamed. My Mexican girlfriends back in Chicago enjoy making tamales wrapped in cornhusks on Christmas Day. The entire family, including mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, nieces and nephews, surround the table to fill and roll 200 of them. It is a special family gathering to visit, laugh and catchup on all the latest gossip. This tradition is very special and tamales offer them more to unwrap than just presents on Christmas. The holiday is not complete without unwrapping cornhusks filled with masa and delicious fillings. I have included both a traditional cornhusk version and the tropical tradition from Veracruz and the Yucatan Peninsula of wrapping them in leaves. This variation is perfect for anyone who is having a hard time finding dried cornhusks or that would like to increase the greens in their diet.
  • Tapioca Pudding Premium PD Recipe This fast prep sugar-free Tapioca Pudding is packed with plant-based palate pleasing pearls. Tapioca, from the root of the cassava plant, provides starch-based energy paired with Protective Diet ingredients shown to inhibit angiogenesis of cancer and protect DNA. Enjoy the texture and taste while appreciating the protection and high energy this comfort food favorite remake provides.
  • Vegetable Broth Premium PD Recipe Vegetable Broth - © ProtectiveDiet.comHomemade veggie broth is easy and has great rewards such as cutting costs, reducing package waste, using quality ingredients, eliminating or reducing the sodium content. I have included a few tips on how to always have a stash of broth or ingredients to start a batch.
  • Veggie Sushi Rolls Premium PD Recipe Sushi in Japanese means vinegar rice. Short grain sticky rice holds veggies together or can be wrapped with nori to create a maki roll. Japanese cuisine is all about savoring each colorful small bite. The artistic presentation of Veggie Sushi Rolls enjoyed with chopsticks offers a dining experience appreciating every exciting flavor and color. This is a perfect Protective Diet make ahead recipe to serve at a party, bring to a potluck or enjoy alone while mastering your Mindful Eating Practice.
  • Whole Wheat Loaf Bread Premium PD Recipe At last we can enjoy a clean, additive-free soft sliceable loaf of easy-make-and-bake whole grain bread! We can cut ties with the frozen loaf of “healthy” store bought bread. This simple, cost cutting, deliciously fresh loaf bread is perfect when sliced for rustic sandwiches, toasted for Better Than Bacon BLTs or cubed into Steak House Croutons. Slice, batter and bake to make the most incredible oil-free plant-based Oven Baked French Toast. The hardest part about making this quick-prep bread is waiting for it to fully cool for perfect sandwich slices. If you just can't wait, then jump in and rip off a hot piece to dip into your favorite Protective Diet soup, or turn a deliciously dressed chopped salad into an unforgettable complete meal.
  • Yellow Lentil Soup Free PD Recipe Yellow Lentil SoupThis soup is a remake of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant's house soup. It is bright in color and thick and rich, with warm flavors of smoked paprika and cumin. Although it is traditionally called lentil soup, it is made with yellow split peas. I always stock all the simple ingredients for this house favorite in my Protective Diet Pantry. Enjoy this soup in under an hour with the use of an electric pressure cooker or prepare it in a slow cooker and arrive home to an unforgettable dinner.
  • Zesty Noodle Bowl Premium PD Recipe The excitement I found in a carryout box of zesty Pan-Asian noodles with chopsticks has danced through my food memories ever since I stopped consuming oils to promote my health. This perfect noodle bowl remake utilizes flavor-building oil-free cooking techniques and a pressure cooker, making oil-free spicy noodles taste as exciting as the original takeout favorite.

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  1. posted by Sherrill Sittre on April 21, 2015

    Is there a way to make yogurt in instapot? I sure hate investing in yogurt maker unless you feel that is the only way? Thank you for everything.

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    • posted by Julie Marie on February 6, 2014

      On the Secura measure brown rice 1 cup and 1 1/4 cups water or broth. Increase up to 4 cups rice using these rice to liquid ratios Press rice and start with the pressure valve closed. Allow it to naturally release pressure and sit closed for 30 minutes.
      Second option with the Secura is to cook under pressure at a 15 minutes setting with the same measurement for brown rice 1 rice to 1 1/4 cups liquid.

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      Sorry Lori,
      I will have to create one for you soon! Sometimes I just make things up and fail to record the recipe. It’s on my list. Thanks!

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