Dry Browning Technique Video Tip

browing onions without oil cooking video

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  1. Awesome! Love this method! Wonder why I didn’t start using this much earlier on, I guess I was mistaken in thinking oil must be included in order to brown onions or veggies in general. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Amazing to taste the veggies now and NOT the oil.

  2. Hi! I just watched this video today. I have been cooking without oil for about 2 years, but always in non-stick pan or pressure cooker. I just got a brand new set of stainless steel pots, and I am excited to try this method. I realize that I usually add water to my onions before they are brown because I am afraid they will burn, but I want to try your method. I am making soup tonight in my stainless steel pot tonight for the first time, and I am super excited! Thank you for the demo!
    One advice I would have on the video is to leave out the music – it is really loud and hard to focus on what you are saying because the music is so loud and distracting. I also could not hear how the onions sound when they are cooking.

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