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Free Class #268 – Mind Games: Self Awareness & Celebrating Success

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This class introduces the Daily Love Bubble gratitude practice as a way to acknowledge your accomplishments and shout out joy in a community that cheers you on. Everyone experiences mind games at some point on their journey. Learn to prevent self-sabotage and surround yourself with a bubble of gratitude and... more

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Class #267 – Finger Salad, Chips & Dip for Dinner featuring Refrigerator Tacos

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In this class I prepare two fun & simple summertime meals starting with a starch and adding bits and pieces from my kitchen for layers of plant diversity. Merging nutritional science with culinary trends, a Protective Diet creates delicious excitement on your plate, meanwhile promoting the gut microbiome and strengthening... more

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Class #262 – Rebuilding Our Immune System is our Social Responsibility

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This class offers guidance for healthy people who are re-entering shared public spaces after prolonged sheltering-in-place or wearing of masks, gloves and using hand sanitizers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who are in high-risk categories should continue sheltering-in-place and taking all recommended precautions while strengthening their immune system with... more

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