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I was 60-70% PD from November – May 10. I definitely felt some benefits – feeling better and SLOWLY losing a few pounds. May 11 was my 100% PD first day. Today I am down 20 (yes, TWENTY) pounds in 2 months.

I feel so much better. I am more active than I have been in quite a while. I started Karate 2-3x per week, I started yoga, I stand much more at my stand up desk, I prepare all my own (and most of my family’s) food – all this while still taking care of my family of four, one extended family member and running my own business. I definitely have more energy. And, I know I definitely WON’T need a seat belt extender on a plane! And, on top of all that, the food is delicious! I often share mine with my office staff and they LOVE everything I have shared! If you are new to PD…or just playing around with it like I did for several months…jump on the bandwagon! The benefits are incredible! Here’s to seeing the changes in month 3!


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